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Rolling and other metal forming processes
Название Complex for flat steel production in China
Автор T. Schilling, H. Hofer
Информация об авторе

SMS group GmbH (Hilchenbach, Germany):

Schilling T., Dr., General Project Manager, e-mail: thomas.schilling@sms-group.com
Höfer H.


The complex for fl at steel production will be constructed in China by SMS group. It will include high-perfornabce wide hot strip mill with seven finishing stands, pickling line and tandem rolling mill, continuous hot-dip galvanizing line and two continuous annealing lines as well as newly developed quality management system and technological know-how for manufacture of steel sheets made of high-tech steel grades. The complex will be operated by the company Shandong Iron and Steel Rizhao from Eastern China. It will cover also technological provision of several processes together with control systems, reporting facilities and quality ensuring of finished products.

Ключевые слова Wide hot strip mill, tandem mill, rolling, pickling, annealing, sheet, stands
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