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Steel making
ArticleName Multifunctional method for increase of technological flexibility and operating efficiency in electric arc furnaces
ArticleAuthor A. Opfermann

Badische Stahl-Engineering (Kehl, Germany):

Opfermann A., Dr. Eng., Senior Expert Consulting, e-mail:


It is well-known that production expenses in the iron and steel industry determine competitiveness. So, efficient steelmaking in electric arc furnaces is mainly depending on power expenses. At the same time the technological process uses electric or chemical energy created by electric current, oxygen ore natural gas. Thereby at present time steel producers make emphasize not only on volumes of steel production or its intensity, but mainly on efficiency rise of technological process in order to minimize the expenses. The following step in this direction, aimed on optimization of electric arc melting process, has been prepared by Badische Stahl-Engineering. This company has developed the multi-functional device — the lance manipulator LM.3 combining the proven technologies of consumed lance for metal refining, manipulator for temperature measuring and sample taking (providing more safe operation) and effective jet burner for melting of charge material.

keywords Oxygen, efficiency, flexibility, refi ning, lance, burner, electric arc furnaces, manipulator
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