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Steel making
ArticleName Kinetic features of desulphurization process during steel melting in induction crucible furnace
ArticleAuthor N. K. Tursunov, A. E. Semin, G. I. Kotelnikov

National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” (Moscow, Russia):

Tursunov N. K., Post-Graduate,
Semin A. E., Dr. Eng., Prof., Deputy Head of the Chair “Metallurgy of Steel and Ferroalloys”,
Kotelnikov G. I., Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Chair “Metallurgy of Steel and Ferroalloys”,


Desulphurization process of 20GL steel in induction crucible furnace with capacity of 6 tones and using solid slag-forming mixtures has been analyzed. Reduction of the height of the bath metal meniscus has been provided by increase of the level of liquid metal in the crucible. Oxidation of the melt, having the eff ect on steel desulphurization process has been evaluated by the residual content of such elements as silicon, manganese, aluminum and complex deoxidizers. The conditions of industrial experiments usually are limited by time and other reasons, thereby it is not possible to achieve equilibrium values of suplhur distribution between slag and metal. It is shown that variation of metal oxidation, slag composition and increase of the contact surface between metal and slag phases make it possible to lower sulphur content in the metal in induction crucible furnace. It was revealed that to lower sulphur content from 0.033 to 0.015% we need to hold metal under slag in this furnace not less than 1620–1800 s at 1650 °C. According to the experimental data obtained in semi-industrial conditions, the kinetic parameters of steel desulphurization process in induction crucible furnace have been established and compared with the kinetic features of this process in different equipment.

keywords Process kinetics, induction crucible furnace, steel desulphurization, slag-forming mixtures, eff ective mass transfer coeffi cient, oxidation

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