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Steel making
ArticleName The process “ORIEN” for smelting of high-quality steels from ore and energy raw materials based on the principle of the energy self-supplying
ArticleAuthor G. A. Dorofeev, P. R. Yantovsky, K. G. Smirnov, Ya. M. Stepanov

Ferro-Technology (Tula, Russia):

Dorofeev G. A., Cand. Eng., President
Yantovsky P. R., General Director
Smirnov K. G., Commercial Director


NPP “Industrial Technologies and Materials” (Tula, Russia):
Stepanov Ya. M., General Director

E-mail (common):


The “ORIEN” technology is the latest development in the field of Russian ferrous metallurgy. It is the principally new steelmaking technology based on use of ore and energy raw materials and the principle of the energy self-supplying and characterized by the new level of properties. At present time it is the unique steelmaking technology meeting the requirements of the concept of new industrial revolution, so-called “Industry 4.0” in the conditions of robotics of the technological process. The “ORIEN” technology refers to “ore-steel” processes; attempts to create such processes have been repeatedly undertaken both in Russia and abroad, but they were unsuccessful. Rejection of the phenomenon of megalomania with its machines of huge capacity, large capital investments and transfer of steel production to the principles of fl exible production system are considered as principal different featured of new technology compared with conventional ones. From the standpoint of metallurgical production, the “ORIEN” process represents a new type of steel plant that combines ironmaking via direct reduction based on the mechanism of liquid-phase reduction and its transformation into steel or semi-finished product in the same unit based on the principle of the energy self-supplying. Thereby “ORIEN” technology is a one-step process combined with minimum number of technological operations. The article describes the main points of the “ORIEN” technology, including original raw materials, production of direct reduced iron, consequent steelmaking and the problems of energy supply and metal quality.

keywords “ORIEN” process, steelmaking technology, ore, raw materials, energy raw materials, Synthicom, briquettes, direct reduction, carbon, metal quality, energy efficiency, ecology

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