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ArticleName System for utilization of heat generated by movable diesel power plants in exploratory drilling
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.03.12
ArticleAuthor Kosyanov V. A., Cherezov G. V., Merkulov M. V., Golovin S. V.

Russian State Geological Prospecting University MGRI–RSGPU, Moscow, Russia:

V. A. Kosyanov, Head of a Chair, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
M. V. Merkulov, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
S. V. Golovin, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences

Stary Oskol Division, Russian State Geological Prospecting University MGRI–RSGPU, Stary Oskol, Russia:

G. V. Cherezov, Director, Candidate of Economic Sciences


Exploratory drilling is one of the highest energy-consuming methods of geological exploration. Promising territories occur as a rule far from energy centers, operations are performed using mobile drilling rigs, while energy is supplied by movable diesel power plants (DPP). Drilling rigs are heated by economically inefficient electric heaters or furnaces operating on solid and liquid fuels. In this case, the thermal load on the drilling rigs is 1.5–2 times higher than the electric load as the researches have shown. Under such conditions, it is highly important to use efficiently heat and power sources (HPS), and one of the area of HPS saving is employment of systems for utilization of heat (SUH) of movable DPP. Based on the research implemented at MGRI–RSGPU, the heating systems for drilling string KTB-20 has been designed and successfully trialed; the system is composed of a movable DPP with SUH, the heatcarrying medium is air. The research has found that the largest utilized heat flow reaches 108 kW under the rated load on DPP, which is 1.5 times higher than the heat load on the drilling string. Overall efficiency of the system has doubled and reaches 90% owing to deep cooling of exhaust gases. The use of SUH has allowed saving to 14 kg of reference fuel per hour. The next stage of the research is the development of an automated SUH capable of independent maintenance of wanted air temperature in the drilling installation building, which will offer comfortable working environment for drilling crews and will greatly enhance drilling energy efficiency.

keywords Geological exploration, secondary energy sources, heat utilization systems, drilling string heating system, energy efficiency, energy saving

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