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ArticleName Enhancing hourly application efficiency of mining machinery at Mirny Mining and Processing Works, Alrosa
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.03.10
ArticleAuthor Zyryanov I. V., Reshetnikov S. V., Zolotukhin G. K., Danilovа V. E.

Polytechnic Institute (Division), Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, Mirny, Russia:

I. V. Zyryanov, Head of a Chair, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
G. K. Zolotukhin, Senior Lecturer,
V. E. Danilova, Post-Graduate Student

Yakutniproalmaz Institute, Mirny, Russia:

S. V. Reshetnikov, Acting Head of a Sector,


Efficient utilization of equipment is one of the basics of successful performance of any plant. Correct assessment of operating results of machinery provides an accurate perception of technical level of equipment, enables identification of utilization improvement range and makes it possible to draw conclusions on soundness of long-term investment. For these reasons, it is required to have clear criteria (indexes) for the actual reliable assessment of operational efficiency of machines. It is known that the operational efficiency criteria for the primary production equipment are assumed the characteristics of physical load of the equipment – quantity of executed work, freight turnover for transport (tons per kilometer) and capacity for mining machinery (per hour, shift, year, measured in cubic meters, tons and meters). At the same time, for machines used in non-productive operations in hourly mode, considering specific character of application, it is difficult to determine cost based on the physical load depending on the preset objectives. The article proposes actions to reveal the causes of inefficient hourly utilization of such machines when reaching production goals and to identify potential areas of improvement in the machine performance with regard to actual physical loads using the dedicated algorithm. The research findings have been discussed and accepted for the use at Alrosa Company.

keywords Hourly mining machinery, utilization efficiency, time keeping, algorithm

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