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ArticleName Evaluation of stable dump parameters at Eldorado deposit
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.03.04
ArticleAuthor Shpakov P. S., Yunakov Yu. L.

Murom Institute (Division), Stoletovs Vladimir State University, Murom, Russia:

P. S. Shpakov, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,


Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia:

Yu. L. Yunakov, Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


The scope of the discussion embraces the issues connected with the slope stability evaluation of dumps at Eldorado deposit. All overburden rocks were piled at external dumps nos. 1–3 arranged on the northern, southern and north-eastern sides of the open pit mine. The dumps have not been filled completely by now. Overburden piling is still carried out at all dumps. The state of the external dumps is analyzed. Deformation of the dumps is observed if the dumps are made on inclined bases composed of loam and landwaste sand clay that belong in the group of medium heaving soil. The authors highlight the facts that influence stability and deformation of the dumps: physicogeographical; geological; hydrogeological; geotechnical influences. The physico-mechanical properties of soil are described, and the estimated physico-mechanical characteristics of piled overburden and bases of the dumps are substantiated. The calculated parameters for stable dumps on horizontal and inclined bases are reported. The calculations used the polygon formula and the numerical-and-analytical method. Stability of multilayer dumps on inclined bases is evaluated. The pitwall stability calculations used Stability Analysis program. The final conclusions on the validation of the dump slope parameters have been drawn.

keywords Dump, slope, overburden, dump stability, sliding surface, stability factor

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