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ArticleName Adjustment of backfill composition for mineral mining under open pit bottom
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.02.10
ArticleAuthor Bitimbaev M. Zh., Krupnik L. A., Aben Kh. Kh., Aben E. Kh.

Datamining, Almaty, Kazakhstan:

M. Zh. Bitimbaev, Member of the Board, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


Satpaev Kazakh National Research Technical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
L. A. Krupnik, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
E. Kh. Aben, Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Engineering Sciences

GeoMineProject, Almaty, Kazakhstan:

Kh. Kh. Aben, Commercial Director,


Numerous deposits have already reached final stages of mining. As the depth of mining increases, many mineral deposits developed with the hybrid method are faced with the problem of searching for an efficient technology to extract open pit bottom reserves at the required completeness and safety. The authors consider Maikain complex deposit mining with the hybrid method. The previous project assumed extraction of open pit bottom reserves using various systems without backfilling. For this reason, extraction of crown pillars resulted in high loss and dilution of ore, and also induced many processes and events the aftereff ects of which were impossible to predict and calculate. With regard to the geological and geotechnical conditions of the deposit, it is proposed to extract the open pit bottom reserves using the room-and-pillar method with backfi lling with the clear sequence. The calculated required strength of the backfill will enable efficient ground control and allow conditions for normal ventilation in the underground mine. According to the calculations, the required strength of the backfill is to be 2.6–4.25 MPa depending on the mining sequence and areas of vertical exposures. Based on the results of investigations into different stages of Maikain deposit mining, various compositions are recommended to make backfills. The authors recommend making fillers using local materials (dry tailings of flotation, screenings of crushing and classifying, separately or mixed), and binders, as per experimental results, can be mixtures of cement and cement-and-lime material with the lime shipped from an open pit mine located close to Maikain Mine.

keywords Maikain complex deposit, hybrid mining method, open pit bottom reserves, complete extraction, solidifying backfill, backfill mixture strength, backfill composition

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