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Название Economical aspects of adaptation of open pit mine performance to fluctuations in the raw materials markets
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.02.09
Автор Myaskov A. V., Ilyin A. S., Popov S. M.
Информация об авторе

College of Mining, National University of Science and Technology – MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

A. V. Myaskov, Director, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, floranimal@rambler.ru


MineLens, Moscow, Russia:

A. S. Ilyin, Expert


National University of Science and Technology – MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

S. M. Popov, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences


Under recession, it is critical to find new efficient solutions to adapt operational activities of open pit mines, which prevail in the area of mineral mining, to fluctuations in the mineral resources markets. Implementation of such solutions pre-conditioned the need for an instructional approach to decisionmaking in management of open pit mine effi ciency both in the stages of initiation and development of a crunch and when surmounting the crisis. In view of unevenness of recessionary trends in the mineral markets, a new approach has been developed based on the features of the marginal analysis application in mining. The developed approach allows searching for efficient step-by-step solutions on varyating parameters of operational activities of open pit mines in conformity with the processes in the mineral markets without overall re-appraisal of the related projects. The proposed approach includes systematization of methods used to form marginal costs in mines in different stages of recession; relations of expenditures, revenues and factors of operational activities of open pit mines; economical and mathematical models and organizational mechanisms of search for rational solutions. The efficiency of the developed method to implement the marginal analyses has been proved in the course of trial at Chernigovsk Open Pit Mine, SDS-Ugol Holding Company.

Ключевые слова Mining companies, operational activity parameters, development management under recession, marginal approach
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