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ArticleName Evaluation of selective disintegration mechanism for extraction of whole semi-precious stones
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.01.09
ArticleAuthor Barnov N. G., Karkashadze G. G.

Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Crystal Chemistry of Rare Elements, Moscow, Russia:

N. G. Barnov, Researcher, Candidate of Geological Mineralogical Sciences,


Mining College, National University of Science and Technology – MISIS, Moscow, Russia:
G. G. Karkashadze, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


The authors review the methods of selective disintegration of rocks with regard to the combination of stresses generated on the surface of rock particles. The destructive stresses at the interfaces of a valuable mineral and gangue are analyzed theoretically and using computer-aided modeling. The curves of stresses and different external mechanical loads are plotted. It is found that disintegration of rocks in crushers employing triaxially equal compression allows better protection of valuable minerals from overgrinding. The laboratory tests on crushing of marbles with the oriental and blue corundum nests under conditions close to hydrostatic effect show that the said mineral particles are not ground inside the mother marble. The unique factor of selective crushing with unbroken grains of corundum is visually observable. The produced result is of practical importance in development of technologies for selective crushing and extraction of valuable minerals.

keywords Selective crushing, efficiency criterion, computer-aided modeling, experiments, selective disintegration

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