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ArticleName Problems, goals and prospect of mining education development in Russia
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.12.18
ArticleAuthor Tverdov A. A., Ivanov I. A.

IMC Montan, Moscow, Russia:

A. A. Tverdov, Technical Director, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


ALROSA, Mirny, Russia:
I. A. Ivanov, Academic Secretary, Expert Panel for Innovations, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


Having emphasized deficiency of technicians-and-engineers and scientific lecturers in the field of mining in Russia, the authors review the current situation in higher education and training on mining engineering and estimate the main causes and problems of such deficiency. It is stated that the deficiency of technicians-and-engineers and scientific lecturers in mining is conditioned by: advanced age of teaching staff; ageing and low-rate update of material and technical base at universities, technical colleges and research institutions; insufficient financing of scientific schools; weak motivation of graduates of mining universities to work in the mining industry. It is worth mentioning that almost all mineral producing countries incur a deficit of professional staff in mining. The degree of skill of the Russian professionals in mining is much higher than the experience level of mining graduates in the near and far abroad. Though the high skill level of the mining professionals in Russia, the retardation of the mining science and higher education from the world advancement in the area of mining technology and equipment is evident. The article highlights the need to improve the connection between the theory and practice and between the science and education in mining through, among other things, the maximum engagement of mining companies in the educational and research activities. The authors put forward a package of measures aimed to improve the quality of graduates and students, motivation of teaching staff and concernment of mining companies in high-grade training, occupation and professional growth of mining engineering staff. Some trends in official reformation of training system for mining engineers are criticized. The emphasis is laid on the mission of the higher education in mining to prepare highly skilled professionals with the knowledge and faculty to fit the current objectives of innovative development in mining science and practice. It is important that the critical goal of education in mining is both training and introduction of specialists to the production activities.

keywords Higher mining education, mining, technicians-and-engineers and training staff, mining engineer training system, problems, reformation, innovative development, motivation, subsoil users, education investment

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