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ArticleName Kuznetsk thermal coal as a source for osmium production
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.12.12
ArticleAuthor Kuznetsova L. V., Anferov B. A.

Institute of Coal and Coal Chemistry, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Kemerovo, Russia:

L. V. Kuznetsova, Principal Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
B. A. Anferov, Principal Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


The geochemical research of the Kuznetsk Basin thermal coal has revealed high content of valuable osmium that is in high demand on the world market. In this connection, the authors present the proprietary technology and basic diagram of a group of equipment for Os-bearing coal combustion and by-production of process raw material for the said metal recovery—sodium perosmate Na[OsO2(OH4)]. The technology of thermal energy production and by-production of raw material for next-following osmium recovery includes: geochemical research to detect and locate coal beds with higher Os content in rock mass; selective extraction of such coal beds and shipping of Os-containing coal to an energy production plant; separate supply of such coal to a boiler-plant; special-technology combustion of such coal with heat production and by-production of process raw material for osmium recovery. As against the conventional technique of thermal energy generation, Os-containing coal is burnt in low-temperature boiling bed in a boiler furnace, at not less than doubled amount of air fed for combustion. The boiling bed temperature is maintained at the level of 800±50 ºС. Osmium is sublimed and in the form of osmium tetraoxide OsO4 goes together with furnace gas to emulsifying machine, gets in contact with NaOH alkali liquor and forms sodium perosmate. By the authors’ estimates, the comprehensive utilization of the Kuznetsk thermal coal will allow an added value and extra profit, will ensure short-term return on investment in the new technology and, above all, will enable considerable production of osmium from a productiongenerated process product.
The study was supported by the Department of the Earth Sciences in the framework of the basic research program on Fundamental Problems and Prospects in Using Potential of Comprehensive Subsoil Development Based on Resource-Saving and Resource-Reproducing Technologies (ONZ-3).

keywords Kuzbass thermal coal, high osmium content, water boiler combustion, furnace gas, sublimation, emulsification, sodium perosmate, process material for osmium recovery

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