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ArticleName Cyclical-and-continuous method and in-pit crushing operation experience in the world
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.11.17
ArticleAuthor Drebenstedt C., Ritter R., Suprun V. I., Agafonov Yu. G.

TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Freiberg, Germany:

C. Drebenstedt, Decan, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
R. Ritter, Researcher


Mining College, MISIS, Moscow, Russia:
V. I. Suprun, Head of the Center for Project and Expertise, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:
Yu. G. Agafonov, Deputy Head of the Center for Project and Expertise, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Deeper level open pit mining, increased scale of mining operations and tightened ecological standards enforce and promote flow charts with in-pit rock crushing and conveying (including high-angle conveyors). Such a technology, named cyclical-andcontinuous method (CCM), enjoys increasingly wider application in the world. This article gives the statistics of CCM spread over the continents of the world and its distribution per kinds of raw materials under treatment. The CCM advantages are analyzed briefly, and factors to adhere to when selecting a CCM unit are presented. The article focuses on design features of in-pit crushers, gives their specifications and describes application areas. The authors distinguish between completely mobile, semimobile and semi-portable crushers. Permanent crushers are characterized in details. The variations of the conveying part of CCM unit are closely discussed: belt car and carry-and-load bridge; mobile and movable conveyors; permanent conveyor; their specifications are given. The authors show a promising trend of using high-angle conveyors in deep open pit mines characterized by high productive capacity. On the whole, the article offers a full-scale picture of introduction of the cyclic-andcontinuous method into mining industry.
The study was supported by the RF Ministry of Education and Science in the framework of the program of competitive recovery of MISIS among the world’s top education-andresearch centers, No. KZ-2014-060.

keywords Open pit mining, cyclic-and-continuous method, crushers, conveyor transport

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