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ArticleName Faculty of Mining of Russia’s first technical university is 110
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.09.01
ArticleAuthor Kazanin O. I.

Name & Surname: Kazanin O. I.
Company: National Mineral Resources University—Mining University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Work Position: Dean, Faculty of Mining
Scientific Degree: Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


The article tells about the history of the Faculty of Mining in Russia’s first technical university, nowadays the National Mineral Resources University—Mining University. The educational and academic milestones in the field of hard mineral mining, blasting, industrial safety, occupational safety, mine rescue work and geoecology are illustrated in terms of rise and development of departments, with special emphasis laid on the role of deans of the Faculty. Restructuring of the Faculty starting from its establishing and up till now was aimed at quality improvement in specialist education and training, allocation of schools for independent development or enlargement, and at birth of new specialties in line with the general strategy of the University and in accordance with the requirements of the mineral mining and processing sector of the natural economy. The article describes the current structure of the Faculty, names and compositions of the departments and leading schools and identifies the research trends. The account of the current basic educational programs for bachelors, specialists and masters, additional professional education programs, specialties for post graduates and doctoral students is given. The author presents the numerical rating to characterize the strength of the personnel, as well as the education and scientific research at the Faculty. It is highlighted that the Faculty of Mining is an important structural division of the University; it occupies a particular niche in the general profile of mineral mining industry, maintains active cooperation with the departments at the other faculties and with laboratories of the Scientific Center for Geomechanics and Mining Production Problems. Considering improvement of competition in the mineral mining and processing sector and in view of the unification of requirements imposed on mining technologies under conditions of economic globalization, the new quality standards are formulated for training of mining engineers and the modern stage trends are identified for the Faculty of Mining.

keywords Faculty of Mining, history, department, professional education, scientific work, quality, mining engineers

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