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ArticleName Mining-and-chemical industry in Russia
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.07.13
ArticleAuthor Permyakov R. S.

Name & Surname: Permyakov R. S.
Company: VNII Galurgy LTD (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Work Position: Scientific Consultant, Professor
Scientific Degree: Doctor of Engineering Sciences


Mining-and-chemical industry is a package of industrial branches engaged in mining, dressing and preprocessing of minerals, chemical raw materials and water. Conventionally and in accord with the management structure, the former state-controlled economy assumed phosphate, potassium–magnesium ore, commercial sodium salt, native sulfur, boron, chalk and arsenic as chemical raw materials. Russia launched mining-and-chemical industry when apatite–nepheline ore was discovered in the Kola Peninsula. This day, Apatite Company boasts annual production of 8 million tons of apatite concentrate. Alongside with Apatite Co., apatite–nepheline ore is produced by Kovdor Mining-and-Processing Integrated Works and by recently commissioned Oleniy Ruchey MPIW. Phosphate ore best suited to meet the demand for phosphorus fertilizers is the Upper Kama nodular phosphorites occurring in the Vyatka Region. The deposit holds over 100 million tones Р2О5. Underground mining of rock salt is carried out in the Orenburg and Irkutsk Regions. Solar salt is mined in the Baskunchak Lake. The rated capacity is 3 Mt per year whereas actual annual production defined by the market demand is some 1.5 Mt. Kuchuksulphate company in the Altai Territory produces sodium sulfate out of mirabilite at annual output of 525 thousand tons. A bulk of the salt is produced by underground leaching (solubilization). Currently, Russian salt mines use chamber-type and continuous solubilization depending on ground conditions and the accepted ground control method. Potash ore is mined at the Upper Kama Potassium–Magnesium Salt Deposit, RF. Finally it is worth mentioning that the chemical industry in Russia has a sufficient supply of raw materials for the long term provided by the relevant capacity mines.

keywords Chemical raw materials, phosphate ore, potash–magnesium ore, common salt, sulfur, boron, minerals and raw materials supply, stock replenishment

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