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ArticleName Method of microclimate normalization in deep mines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.06.18
ArticleAuthor Galaov R. B., Balchugov V. G., Kazakov B. P., Butakov S. V.

Author 1:
Name & Surname: Guzanov P. S.
Company: Polar Division of PJSC “MMC “NORILSK NICKEL” (Norilsk, Russia)
Work Position: Principal Expert, Center for Geodynamic Safety
Contacts: phone: +7 (3919) 38-59-97

Author 2:
Name & Surname: Lytneva A. E.
Company: Polar Division of PJSC “MMC “NORILSK NICKEL” (Norilsk, Russia)
Work Position: Principal Engineer, Center for Geodynamic Safety

Author 3:
Name & Surname: Anushenkov A. N.
Company: Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Work Position: Head of Underground Mineral Mining Department
Scientific Degree: Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Author 4:
Name & Surname: Volkov E. P.
Company: Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Work Position: Senior Teacher of Underground Mineral Mining Department
Scientific Degree: Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Highlighting advantages offered by geotechnologies of high-grade ore mining with backfilling in terms of safety, minimized loss and dilution and undermined ground protection from subsidence and deformation, the authors emphasize issues connected with the conventional preparation and composition of solidifying backfills. The article describes the research into using current mill tailings of the Talnakh copper-nickel ore as a filler in preparation of solidifying backfill manufactured from mill tailings and cement (MTC) in water environment. Based on the research findings, it has been recommended to carry out pilot trial of optimal MTC mixtures ensuring the required strength of the filling mass after curing, and of a new MTC mixture manufacture technology including premixing of backfill components, homogenization and, then, activation of the mixture by hydraulic impact and cavitation in a HIC mixer. Furthermore, the authors advise on structural arrangement of a backfilling plant, including hydrotransport of total mill tailings in a slurry pipeline between processing plant and production infrastructure site, and an area of MTC manufacture using the new technology, followed with the backfill feed to underground minedout voids.

The authors are grateful for the contribution to K. V. Smolov, Deputy Principal Engineer for Backfilling and Support, Mining and Geology Management, O. G. Norkin, Deputy Principal Engineer for Backfilling, Komsomolsky Mine, and O. A. Gets, Category II Mine Engineer, Geotechnology Improvement Department, Center for Geodynamic Safety, Polar Division of PJSC “MMC “NORILSK NICKEL”.

keywords High-grade ore, mill tailings, filler, binder, solidifying mixture, homogenization and activation, curing kinetics, strength

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