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ArticleName Problems of development of geothermal steam-water fields in Kamchatka
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.05.11
ArticleAuthor Shulyupin A. N.

Name & Surname: Shulyupin A. N.
Company: Mining Institute, Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences (Khabarovsk, Russia)
Work Position: Deputy Director for Science and Innovation
Scientific Degree: Doctor of Engineering Sciences
Contacts: e-mail:


Using of geothermal heat is a rapidly and steadily growing field of unconventional energy sources. Russian geothermal power engineering is only represented by Far Eastern region. Kamchatka has 91% of the installed capacity of geothermal power engineering in Russia. There are four groups of problems connected with the development of geothermal steam-water fields, namely, monitoring, field equipment, geothermal reservoir engineering and socioeconomics. The experience of solving tasks within each group of problems is generalized. As a result, the following urgent scientific and methodological objectives are formulated:

1) establishment of an adequate regulatory basis to monitor the development of the fields;

2) improvement of methods for calculating heat agent transport systems, including optimization of liquid phase accumulation and transportation;

3) evaluation of impact of reinjection on Pauzhetka and Mutnovka fields;

4) development of recommendations for exploitation drilling on Pauzhetka and Mutnovka fields, including appropriateness of drilling in “steam cap”;
5) study of the processes of scaling and corrosion in equipment components and productive reservoirs and development of recommendations to minimize their impact.
The main problems are connected with the socio-economic sphere:

1) development of appropriate standards for calculation of fees for emissions;
2) actualization of geothermal power plant operation in the sustained capacity mode.

keywords Geothermal steam-water field, development, production well, monitoring, geothermal reservoir, geothermal power engineering, reinjection, heat agent

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