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ArticleName Concept of core electron structure of minerals
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.05.05
ArticleAuthor Zuev V. V.

Name & Surname: Zuev V. V.
Company: Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Work Position: Principal Researcher
Scientific Degree: Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences


The article is devoted to the 130th anniversary of Academician Alexander E. Fersman. Emphasizing a huge contribution made by Academician Fersman to the development of geological knowledge in the area of mineralogy, crystal chemistry and geochemistry, the author states that the importance of Fersman’s geoenergy ideas is undervalued in the modern sciences concerned with the composition and properties of mineral, that these ideas are underdeveloped and scantily used. In view of these, the article offers a review and analysis of many-years research based on which the periodic system of energy coefficients of atomic cores has for the first time been developed and validated for all elements of Mendeleev’s table. The practical value of the modernized system of energy coefficients as the evolvement of geoenergy ideas by Fersman consists in the feasibility of quantitative estimation of wide spectrum physicochemical properties of minerals and their energy parameters based on the core electron crystal chemistry—energy of bond between atomic cores and coupling electrons. The described research and findings are the important contribution to the crystal energetics of minerals; they demonstrate improvement and further development of geoenergy ideas put forward by Academician Alexander E. Fersman.

keywords Mineralogy, geochemistry, crystal chemistry, Fersman’s geoenergy theory, atomic cores, coupling electrons, additive method of energy estimation, modernized periodic system of energy coefficients, Mendeleev’s table

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