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ArticleName Engineering solutions to raise efficiency of cutter-loaders at Verkhnekamskoe deposit
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.02.08
ArticleAuthor Soloviev V. A., Sekuntsov A. I.

Author 1:
Name & Surname: Soloviev V. A.
Company: Galurgiya JSC (Perm, Russia)
Work Position: Professor, Head of Geodynamic Safety Laboratory
Scientific Degree: Doctor of Engineering Sciences
Contacts: e-mail:


Author 2:
Name & Surname: Sekuntsov A. I.
Company: Galurgiya JSC (Perm, Russia)
Work Position: Senior Researcher, Geodynamic Safety Laboratory
Scientific Degree: Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Based on the analysis of data of chronometration observations, the authors state low action time utilization coefficient and essential slack in cutter — loader productivity in underground mines of Verkhnekamskoe deposit, both in development heading and stoping, mainly due to piecemeal operation of the key components of the process flow. In connection with this, the authors describe new engineering solutions in terms of technology and equipment, that are substantiated and put forward for the purpose of maximum possible timing and optimization of the whole cycle of cutting and hauling of sylvinite ore in cutter–loader faces. The article presents a new strategy for preparation of sylvinite stopes, which enables substantial reduction in roadway development and time spent for construction of development headings. According to the proposed method, all development headings are driven in mineral beds under mining. The offered engineering solutions are based on the use of expending belt conveyors that, alongside with the 2 times reduction in the amount of the development drivage in a stope, permits abandoning drivage of cross-strata headings in underlying rock salt. The developed engineering solutions involve the use of a loading-and-hauling system, including an expending belt conveyor and a self-propelled mechanized measuring hopper. Before long, the first models of the developed mining equipment will undergo pilot tests.

keywords Sylvinite ore mining, set of cutter–loaders, reloading hopper, self-propelled car, expanding belt conveyor, manufacturer, continuous transport

1. Metodicheskoe rukovodstvo po vedeniyu gornykh rabot na rudnikakh Otkrytogo Aktsionernogo Obshchestva «Silvinit» (Methodical guidance on mining operations at JSC «Silvinit» mines). Novosibirsk : Nauka, 2011. 487 p. (in Russian). 

2. E. K. Kotlyar, V. A. Solovev, D. N. Alymenko, A. I. Sekuntsov. Razdvizhnoy lentochnyy konveyer – osnova sozdaniya novykh tekhnologiy razrabotki kaliynykh plastov Verkhnekamskogo mestorozhdeniya kaliynykh soley (Extension-type belt conveyor as a basis of creation of new technologies of mining of potassium layers of Verkhnekamsk potassium salt deposit). Gornaya promyshlennost = Mining Industry. 2014. No. 1(113).

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