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ArticleName Geological database for modeling and forecasting of deformations in the Antey ore body and host rocks, Streltsovsky ore field
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.02.04
ArticleAuthor Shchukin S. I. Petrov V. A. Poluektov V. V. Ustinov S. A.

Author 1:
Name & Surname: Shchukin S. I.
Company: Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union (Krasnokamensk, Russia)
Work Position: Chief Geologist


Author 2:
Name & Surname: Petrov V. A.
Company: Institute of Ore Geology, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)
Work Position: Deputy Director, Corresponding member of RAS
Contacts: e-mail:


Author 3:
Name & Surname: Poluektov V. V.
Company: Institute of Ore Geology, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)
Work Position: Researcher


Author 4:
Name & Surname: Ustinov S. A.
Company: Institute of Ore Geology, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)
Work Position: Junior Researcher


For complicated ground conditions and deeper level mining at the Antey deposit in the Streltsovsky uranium ore field, the article describes the research aimed at creating procedure for forecasting and control of rock stress–strain state, detection and delineation of rockburst-hazardous zones followed with planning and execution of mining safety measures. The special-purpose researches involved geostructural and petrography-mineralogical mapping; rock sampling; laboratory testing of mineral-petrochemical composition and petrophysical properties of rocks with generation of electronic databases built in program products, which enabled finding a clear relationship between petrographic parameters of rocks and their metasomatism nature and intensity as well as estimating faulting dynamics and rock mass stress–strain state heterogeneity. Thereupon, the three-dimensional geostructural model of the deposit and mine infrastructure has been developed, numerical modeling of rock mass “behavior” has been performed followed by verification of the modeling results. It is recommended to use the research findings as the methodical approaches to forecasting dynamic events due to lithostatic pressure (stresses–strains), and to accomplishment of mine safety protection both at the Antey deposit and the other ore bodies within the Streltsovsky ore field. 

keywords Rock mass stress–strain state forecasting and control, geostructural and petrographic-mineralogical mapping, database, three-dimensional geostructural modeling, safety

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