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ArticleName Analysis of electromagnetic compatibility between diesel engine power plant and main electric motor of drilling unit
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.01.11
ArticleAuthor Shevyrev Yu. V., Morgachev D. A.

Author 1:
Name & Surname: Shevyrev Yu. V.
Company: Mining Institute of National University of Science and Technology MISiS (Moscow, Russia)
Work Position: Professor
Scientific Degree: Doctor of Engineering Sciences
Contacts: e-mail:


Author 2:
Name & Surname: Morgachev D. A.
Company: Electrotechnical Industrial Company (Moscow, Russia)
Work Position: Leading Engineer


The article reports the research findings on cross-effect of a diesel engine power plant and power consuming elements in a drilling unit in the mode of main electric motor activation in the course of hard mineral exploration. The research allowed relating the electric net and electric motor parameters with time of actuation of uncontrolled and variable-frequency asynchronous motors (AM). The comparison of the obtained relations showed that with the variable-frequency AM, the electric motor inrush current is reduced by 80% and the voltage fluctuation in the net is decreased by 60% as against the uncontrolled AM. Thus, the conclusion is drawn that the variable-frequency AM contributes to enhancement of the electromagnetic compatibility between the diesel engine power plant and the main electric motor of drilling units. The collation of the maximum values of active and apparent power in the mode of the variable-frequency AM actuation yields that in this case it is possible to use a diesel engine power plant with the inrush at least 1.5 times lower than with the uncontrolled AM. This enables better utilization of diesel power and, thus, reduction of fuel consumption in the process of hole drilling. As a consequence, the power consumption in hard mineral exploration is cut down.

keywords Diesel engine power plant, drilling unit, asynchronous motor, frequency converter, inrush current, reacting power, voltage fluctuation

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2. Limitovskiy A. M., Merkulov M. V., Kosyanov V. A. Energoobespechenie tekhnologicheskikh potrebiteley geologorazvedochnykh rabot (Energyprovision of technological consumers of geological-prospecting works). Moscow : Maska, 2008. 135 p.

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