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ArticleName Cyclic production of granite slabs in quarries
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2015.01.06
ArticleAuthor Daniel P., Tory A., Brocco R.

Author 1:

Name & Surname: Daniel P.
Work Position: Journalist, naturals stone industry analyst
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Author 2:
Name & Surname: Tory A.
Company: Brocco Group
Work Position: Brocco Group project supervisor


Author 3:
Name & Surname: Brocco R.
Company: Brocco Group
Work Position: Brocco Group owning family member


Minimization of production and transport cost is the high priority task in the stone production business. Italian companies CO. FI. PLAST and Wires Engineering have reached the revolutionary breakthrough in the cost reduction in production of granite slabs and improvement of their qualitative endurance by means of integration of operations on block stone mining, edging (making them rectangular) and slabbing in the framework of a continuous technology applied immediately in a quarry. This system is functioning at Marbrasa company in Brazil. The article describes innovative developments of the known Italian companies in the area of the technology and equipment meant for ornamental stone block extraction and processing, based on which the high-capacity integrated cyclical system of granite slab production immediately in block stone quarries has been evolved. The article reports key characteristics of diamond multi-wire stone saw cutting machines and new designs of diamond wire saws.

keywords Block stone quarries, granite, blocks, slabs, diamond multi-wire saw cutting machines, diamond wire saws, continuous production line (technology), slab production in quarry
Language of full-text russian
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