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Power Engineering and Ecology
ArticleName Wind power from the blast furnace: saving resources in ironmaking
ArticleAuthor K. Rose, W. Kriete, M. Hansen

Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH (Salzgitter, Germany):

Rose K., Head of the Project, Technical Service
Kriete W., Head of Blast Furnaces Dept.

Z&J Technologies GmbH (Düren, Germany):

Hansen M., Head of Equipment for Iron and Steel Industry, e-mail:


Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH has further contributed to energy-efficient ironmaking by building the top gas pressure recovery turbine at blast furnace B which was successfully put into operation in April 2012 after a realization time of only 20 months. Design and operating parameters of this turbine are presented in the paper, including its performance data in the case of different admissions. The three-step turbine continuously recovers 8 to 9 MW electric energy from the furnace and operates eff ectively even at partial charge. Due to relatively low rotation speed, its components are characterized with more long service fi fe and period between technical maintenance. At present time, the new turbine uses the existing pressure difference between the head part of a blast furnace and net with refined gas for power utilization. The turbine produces annually about 68 GWt of electric power, and about one third of the required power can be returned. One of the main advantages of this project is maximal usage of power utilization potential, environment protection and resource saving. Additionally, putting the turbine into practice helps SZFG company to mafe substantial input in obligations of heavy industry for providing power efficient production. It is mentioned that Z&J Technologies company plans in the future not only manufacture such turbines, but also to operate them with essential saving of capital expenses.

keywords Electric power, top gas pressure recovery turbine, blast furnaces, rotation speed, resource saving, environment protection
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