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Heat treatment and surface coating
ArticleName Heat treatment at high level of the process comprehension
ArticleAuthor F. Brühl, T. Sagermann

SMS Siemag AG (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Brühl F., Dr., Gead of Heat Treatment Equipment Dept.
Sagermann T., Mag. Eng., Corporate Communications

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It was usual practice for many years that the new orders for rolling mills or processing equipment have been divided by three packages (mechanical, electrical and thermal) and have been manufactured and delivered separately. However, recent trend is in increase of number of equipment producers that are able to provide complex supply of all spectrum of technological equipment, including know-how. SMS Siemag is one of such successful companies; at first it united mechanical and electrical packages (mechatronics), and then started to add also thermal equipment in scopes of supply. Therefore, emphasis on production process is done, and it is connected with essential advantages for both sides: operators can deal with less orders and their mutual correspondence, while equipment producers bear general responsibility not only for separate equipment components, but also for final results of plant operation. The paper describes the examples of this approach for thermal technological equipment as a new business direction for SMS Siemag AG, i.e vertical furnaces for continuous annealing and galvanizing, furnaces in strip coating lines, heat treatment furnaces for heavy plates, compact strip production (CSP) units of last generation.

keywords Technological equipment, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, thermal equipment, scope of supply, complex delivery, know-how
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