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Power Engineering and Ecology
ArticleName International systems for trading the rights for emissions
ArticleAuthor H. Bardt, R. Bertenrath, D. Christmann

Institute of German Economy (Köln, Germany):

Bardt H., Dr.


IW Köln Consult (Köln, Germany):

Bertenrath R., Dr.
Christmann D.

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European system for trading the rights for emissions is the unique one worldwide. Other countries are trying to make attempts to put into practice such systems, however, they are characterized by other than in Europe attitude to energy-intensive industries: their interest are concerned slightly or not concerned at all. The results of investigation made by the Institute of German Economy (IW) are presented in this paper. So, USA couldn’t realize in 2010 its national law in this fi eld (Clean Energy and American Power Act), but several regional programs are in use now. Two diff erent systems for trading emissions are used in Japan, while China is only starting to establish its policy for emissions. South Korea plans to sart its trading system for emissions in 2015. Situation in this area in Brazil and Australia is also analyzed. It is noted that European Union has the aim to reduce its CO2 emissions until 2010 by 20% comparing with 1990. In 2012 37 industrially developed countries have agreed to prolong Kyoto protocol until 2010, however, several countries (Russia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand) didn’t sign this prolongation, while USA and China didn’t join this process at all.

keywords Trading the rights for emissions, energy-intensive industries, European Union, environment protection, national programs
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