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Development of metallurgy in Russia and CIS
Название Improved design of water-cooled dust precipitation chamber for high-capacity electric steelmaking furnaces
Автор O. M. Glita, A. Z. Ryzhavskiy, M. S. Gontarev
Информация об авторе

State Enterprise “Ukrainian Research and Technology Center of Metallurgy Industry “Energostal” (Kharkov, Ukraine):

Glita O. M., Head of Heat and Gas Application dept.
Ryzhavskiy A. Z., Cand. Eng., Chief Designer
Gontarev M. S., Lead. Eng., Heat and Gas Application dept.

E-mail (common): tgi@energostal.org.ua


Peculiarities of removal of dusted technological gases at electric arc furnace during intensifi cation of steel smelting were considered. Purpose, device, operation concept, technical and economical characteristics of operation of water-cooled dust precipitation chamber is described. Analysis of achieved characteristics is done. State enterprise “Ukrainian research and technology center of metallurgical industry “Energostal” (SE “UkrRTC “Energostal”) has realized reconstruction of cooled gas outlet of arc furnace with real charge of 120 t under intensity of oxygen blowing up to 9000 Nm3/h in electric steelmaking shop No. 2 at JSC “Chelyabinsk Iron & Steel Works”. New design of inlet nozzle allowed to avoid slag and dust depositions in it (these depositions earlier were removed manually), to improve environmental conditions in the shop due to almost complete elimination of exhausting of waste gases out of the furnace in the shop under increase of through capacity of gas-escape track. Efficiency of cooled chamber with this design was verified during commissioning test and further operation — chamber operation parameters exceeded design ones. Works for further upgrading of dust precipitation chamber design were carried out based on obtained experience. Development of these type coolers for furnaces of electrical steelmaking shops at certain metallurgical and machine-building enterprises is in sight.

Ключевые слова Electric steelmaking furnace, water-cooled gas outlet, CO afterburning, dust precipitation chamber, cooling, nozzles, gas cleaning
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