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Gornyi Zhurnal

The issue contains the articles of various themes, which cover the work experience and engineering efforts of enterprises and organizations of mining profile.

The issue is opened by the section "From the experience of mining enterprises and organizations," which includes materials of "Irgiredmet" JSC and "Giproruda" OJSC specialists to mark the jubilees of these organizations. In the articles readers will find information on results and perspective planning of the institution’s activities.

Articles in traditional sections of the journal are of the special nature and covers specific achievements in various fields of mining industry.

Published in the “Prominent figures of mining science and production” section material dedicated to the anniversary of the Kazakh National Technical University after K. I. Satpayev is noteworthy. It narrates about eminent personalities of the higher mining school of Kazakhstan, who made an invaluable contribution to the mining engineers training and mining industry formation in the republic.“Gornyi Zhurnal” (“Minig Journal”) continues to inform the mine technical community about the past and upcoming scientific and technical conferences, workshops, forums and exhibitions. In particular, publications of the issue summarize meeting of the Supreme Mining Council held in Saint Petersburg in April and 10th Exhibition and Forum “Industry. Investment. Technology” taken place in Krivoy Rog. There also is given information on the forthcoming VI International Conference “Combined geotechnology: theory and practice of realization of multipurpose subsoil exploration complete cycle”, which will be held in Magnitogorsk at the end of May, 2011.

More details about the issue you may find below or book printed or electronic version of the journal.

ArticleName 140 years of Irkutsk scienceresearching center of noble and rare metal and diamonds
ArticleAuthor Dement'ev V. E.
ArticleAuthorData Dement'ev V. E., General Director, e-mail:, IRGIREDMET
ArticleName Irgiredmet Testing analytical centre
ArticleAuthors Gornostaeva T. D., Prokop'eva S. V., Benedyuk A. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Gornostaeva T. D., Head of Analytical Centre; Prokop'eva S. V., Deputy Head of Analytical Centre, Seniour Researcher; Benedyuk A. V., Seniour Researcher, e-mail:, IRGIREDMET.
ArticleName Experience of designing of underground mines at “Irgiredmet” public corporation
ArticleAuthors Neganov V. P., Sosnovskij L. I., Sosnovskaya E. L., Davidenko A. A.

Neganov V. P., Head of Department, Seniour Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:, IRGIREDMET; Sosnovskij L. I., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:; Sosnovskaya E. L., Assistant Professor, Candidate of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences, e-mail:, Irkutsk State Technical University; Davidenko A. A., Head of Department, e-mail:, IRGIREDMET.

ArticleName Elaborations of Irgiredmet institute in area of equipment and technology of gold extraction
ArticleAuthors Dement'ev V. E., Vojloshnikov G. I.

Dement'ev V. E., General Director, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:; Vojloshnikov G. I., Deputy General Director of Scientific Work and Innovations, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:, IRGIREDMET.

ArticleName Fine gold alluvial deposits: problems of estimation and extraction
ArticleAuthors Zamyatin O. V., Man'kov V. M.

Zamyatin O. V., Member of Science and Engineering Board, Candidate of Engineering Sciences; Man'kov V. M., Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:, IRGIREDMET

ArticleName Bacterial leaching of refractory ores and concentrates
ArticleAuthors Gudkov S. S., Shketova L. E., Mikhajlova A. N.

Gudkov S. S., Head of Laboratory; Shketova L. E., Researcher; Mikhajlova A. N., Engineer, e-mail:, IRGIREDMET.

ArticleName Industrial usage of columns with shutter checker fillings in coal-sorption technology of gold extraction
ArticleAuthors Mullov V. M., Rashenko A. F., Sinichkin A. G.
ArticleAuthorsData Mullov V. M., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:; Rashenko A. F., Leading Researcher, e-mail:, IRGIREDMET; Sinichkin A. G., Deputy General Director of Production Development, phone: (903)988-34-68, "Vasilevskiy rudnik" Company.
ArticleName Complex designing of mine-beneficiation manufactures
ArticleAuthor Krut'ko A. N.
ArticleAuthorData Krut'ko A. N., Chief Engineer,, IRGIREDMET.
ArticleName “Irgiredmet” Commercial centre : deliveries of technological equipments and reagents for ore processing
ArticleAuthors Gorbunov P. D., Semenkov D. A., +Musin D. Yu.
ArticleAuthorsData Gorbunov P. D., Director of Commercial Centre; Semenkov D. A., Deputy Director of Commercial Centre; +Musin D. Yu., Leading Manager, e-mail:, IRGIREDMET.
ArticleName 80 years of “Giproruda” institute: proud of the past, building the future
ArticleAuthors Cherevko N. V., Serdyukov A. L.
ArticleAuthorsData Cherevko N. V., General Director; Serdyukov A. L., The First Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer, e-mail:, "Giproruda" Company.
ArticleName Giproruda and Apatit — from century to century
ArticleAuthors Okunovich A. V., Zvonar' A. Yu.
ArticleAuthorsData Okunovich A. V., Chief Engineer of Projects, e-mail:, "Giproruda" Company; Zvonar' A. Yu., Technical Director - Chief Engineer,, "Apatit" Company.
ArticleName Giproruda experience in 3D pit design
ArticleAuthors Serdyukov A. L., Cherepanov A. V., Levin E. L.
ArticleAuthorsData Serdyukov A. L., The First Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer; Cherepanov A. V., Head of Open Mining Works, Transport and General Plan Department,; Levin E. L., Chief Expert of Open Mining Works, Transport and General Plan Department, e-mail:, "Giproruda" Company.
ArticleName New approaches to strategy of mining Garinsky iron ore deposit
ArticleAuthors Nalivayko V. A., Lyashchenko A. M.
ArticleAuthorsData Nalivayko V. A., Chief Engineer of Projects, e-mail:, "Giproruda" Company; Lyashchenko A. M., Deputy General Director of Garinskiy MMC, Candidate of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences, e-mail:, "Petropavlovsk – Ferrous Metallurgy" Group of Companies.
ArticleName Transfer hopper point in open pit truckrailway haulage layouts
ArticleAuthors Draya M. I., Bogdanov V. L., Blyumin M. I., Timofeev I. K.
ArticleAuthorsData Draya M. I., Technical Adviser; Bogdanov V. L., Chief Miner of Open Works; Blyumin M. I., Head of Building Department, e-mail:; Timofeev I. K., Leading Engineer of Mining Mechanical Department,, "Giproruda" Company.
ArticleName Operational practice of conveyor systems introduced in deep open pits of Russia and Kazakhstan
ArticleAuthors Babenko I. V., Veretel'nik I. P., Timofeev I. K.

Babenko I. V., Chief Engineer of Projects, e-mail:; Veretel'nik I. P., Head of Mining Mechanical Department, e-mail:; Timofeev I. K., Leading Engineer of Mining Mechanical Department, e-mail:, "Giproruda" Company.

ArticleName Prerequisites of using conveyors in open pit integrated haulage systems during stripping and mining of deep pit levels
ArticleAuthors Ivanov V. A., Draya M. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Ivanov V. A., Head of Electrical Engineering Department, e-mail:; Draya M. I., Technical Adviser,, "Giproruda" Company.
ArticleName “Gorny Zhurnal” and geologists from Tadzhikistan: collaboration for prosperity of mining matter
ArticleAuthor Azim Ibrohim
ArticleAuthorData Azim Ibrohim, Head of General Institute of Geology under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, Candidate of Engineering Sciences.
ArticleName Modern condition of mineralraw material base of ferrous metallurgy at the Ukraine
ArticleAuthors Matyukha V. V., Movchan N. T.

Matyukha V. V., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:; Movchan N. T., Leading Economist, phone: +38 (097) 412-62-02, Council of Scientific and Technological Potential Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

ArticleName Problems of choice of dimension ranges of operating tools and conditions of rock bit drilling depending on mechanical properties of mine rocks
ArticleAuthor Sinev S. V.

Sinev S. V., Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:

ArticleName Control of geo-mechanical conditions of mine rock massif at Gajskiy underground mine
ArticleAuthors Khar'kov A. V., Bodrenkov A. E.
ArticleAuthorsData Khar'kov A. V., Chief Engineer; Bodrenkov A. E., Head of Underground Pit, e-mail:, GAISKIY GOK.
ArticleName Researches of influence of pulsed electromagnetic concrete processing to samples durability, produced on its base
ArticleAuthor Goncharov A. V.
ArticleAuthorData Goncharov A. V., Post-Graduate Student, e-mail:, Moscow State Mining University.
ArticleName About possibilities of involvement of subjects of small and medium entrepreneurship to realizing geological prospecting works
ArticleAuthors Germakhanov A. A., Zolotenkov Ya. V.

Germakhanov A. A., Deputy Head, Administration of Subsurface Resources Management at the Tomsk Region; Zolotenkov Ya. V., Assistant Professor, e-mail:, Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Engineering of Tomsk Polytechnic University.

ArticleName Combine of traditional and physical-chemical methods of extraction and processing of ore-mineral raw materials
ArticleAuthors Arens V. Zh., Lobanov D. P., Fazlullin M. I.

Arens V. Zh., Vice-President, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Lobanov D. P., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, phone: (499) 134-80-79, Russian State Prospecting University of a Name of Sergo Ordzhonikidze; Fazlullin M. I., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, phone: (495) 324-42-39, Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Research Institute of Chemical Technology. B. L. Tolkunov, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, took part in the paper.

ArticleName Resource finishing of Streletskoe ore field using physical-chemical geo-technologies
ArticleAuthors Morozov A. A., Gavrilov A. A.

Morozov A. A., Head of Geological Engineering Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, phone: (30245) 3-30-54, Priargunsky Mining and Chemical Works; Gavrilov A. A., Post-Graduate Student, phone: (30245) 3-35-89, Chita State University.

ArticleName New technologies and methods of frost retreat of season and multi-year frozen rocks
ArticleAuthors Subbotin Yu. V., Oveshnikov Yu. M.

Subbotin Yu. V., Professor, Open Mining Work Department, Doctor of Engineering Sciences; Oveshnikov Yu. M., Head of Open Mining Work Department, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, phone: (3022) 26-89-58, Chita State University.

ArticleName Calculation of parameters of water-protection rock mass during elaboration potassium deposits (Starobinskoe deposit as an example)
ArticleAuthor Zubovich V. S.

Zubovich V. S., Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, phone: (903) 242-43-91, Moscow State Regional University.

ArticleName Fabrication of production with energetic assignment on the base of geo-mechanized technology of turf extraction
ArticleAuthors Yaltanets I. M., Shtin S. M.
ArticleAuthorsData Yaltanets I. M., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, phone: (499) 230-24-87, Moscow State Mining University; Shtin S. M., Deputy General Director, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:, "Golfstrim" Company, Scientific Development and Production Center.
Drilling and blasting operations
ArticleName The estimation of efficiency of using electronic detonators during formation contour chinks in quarries
ArticleAuthors Melik-Gajkazov I. V., Togunov M. B., Shitov Yu. A., Fokin V. A.
ArticleAuthorsData Melik-Gajkazov I. V., Technical Director, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:; Togunov M. B., Chief Expert of Drilling and Blasting Operations, Engineering Development Department, e-mail:; Shitov Yu. A., Deputy Chief Engineer of "Zheleznyi" Pit, e-mail:, "Kovdorskiy Mining and Concentrating Plant" Company; Fokin V. A., Leading Researcher, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:, Mining Institute of Kola Scientific Centre of the Russian academy of Sciences.
ArticleName To critics of Operational regulations of coal mines at the Ukraine
ArticleAuthor Golbert A. E.

Golbert A. E., Chief Mechanic, e-mail:, "Donetsshakhtostroy" Company.

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