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Gornyi Zhurnal

ArticleName Distribution of resources from Muruntau deposit and possible risks of their further processing
ArticleAuthors Snitka N. P., Bychkov V. N.
ArticleName Complex usage of technogenous resources of deep “Muruntau” quarry
ArticleAuthors Sytenkov V. N., Naimova R. Sh.
ArticleName Down hole development system in geotechnology of underground uranium leaching
ArticleAuthors Shemetov P. A., Glotov G. N.
ArticleName The features of operation of milling combines of WIRTGEN and MAN TAKRAF companies at Dzheroy-Sardarinkoe layer phosphorite deposit
ArticleAuthor Rakhmanov R. A.
ArticleName Researching of influence of parameters of drilling and blasting operations on reset coefficient during explosive displacement of mine ores with different durability
ArticleAuthors Bibik I. P., Zairov Sh. Sh., Ivanovskiy D. S.
ArticleName Special technology of drilling and blasting operations during building of drainage-sewerage system in complicated hydrogeological conditions
ArticleAuthors Norov Yu. D., Nutfullaev G. S.
ArticleName Gold extraction from hard processed sulphide ores via BIOX© technology
ArticleAuthors Sanakulov K. S., Shemetov P. A.
ArticleName Methodology of improvement of the structure of repair service and technical diagnostics in order to optimize expenses for supporting of mine-transport equipment
ArticleAuthors Vasilyuk P. A., Sagitov P. Kh.
ArticleName Research of optimal term of dump trucks exploration in the conditions of “Muruntau” quarry
ArticleAuthors Bredikhin A. A., Kolesov O. A., Umarov S. B.
ArticleName Widening of type and dimension range of manufactured products as protection from market fluctuation
ArticleAuthors Lakkay N. E., Dadabaev K. K., Ganiev Yu. U.
ArticleName Water supply of Zaravshan-Uchkuduk industrial region: problems and solutions
ArticleAuthors Shcherbanev Yu. A., Dustmuradov S. D.
ArticleName Experimental and numerical research of filtration and geomigration of residual productive solutions at the objects of underground leaching
ArticleAuthor Usmanov R.
ArticleName Improvement of staff qualification as decisive factor of increasing of production efficiency
ArticleAuthor Kostritsa G. I.
ArticleName Investigation of weakening mechanism for kimberlite during their interaction with electrochemically processed water
ArticleAuthors Chanturiya V. A., Kaplin A. I., Dvoychenkova G. P., Minenko V. G., Artemov V. G.
ArticleName Modification of diethyldithiocarbamate solution in order to obtain selective nonionic collector for flotation of platinum-bearing sulphides
ArticleAuthors Ivanova T. A., Matveeva T. N., Gromova N. K.
ArticleName Schemes of flotation of sulphides of non-ferrous metals on the base of usage of combination of selective collectors
ArticleAuthors Ignatkina V. A., Bocharov V. A.
ArticleName Geology-technological classification of ores from Bazhenovskiy deposit of chrysotile asbestos
ArticleAuthors Shalyugina V. A., Kochelaev V. A., Popova O. V., Kochnev D. V.
ArticleName Intesification of the process of X-ray luminescent separation at the enterprises of AC "ALROSA"
ArticleAuthors Makalin I. A. , Ivanov A. V.
ArticleName Practice of usage of group composition of vacuum filters in departments of vacuum filtering
ArticleAuthor Dutchenko P. N.
ArticleName Development of plasma-chemical technologies for obtaining of extra pure silica and silicon
ArticleAuthors Borisov L. A., Kozlov N. P., Kulagin A. Yu., Serykh N. M., Skryabin A. S.
ArticleName Development of effective technologies and equipment for beneficiation of mineral raw materials with usage of methods of computation hydrodynamics
ArticleAuthors Skorokhodov V. F., Khokhulya M. S., Biryukov V. V.
ArticleName Development of equipment for the technology of full-stage beneficiation of magnetite quartzite
ArticleAuthors Karmazin V. V., Andreev V. G., Palin I. V., Zhilin S. N., Pozharskiy Yu. M.
ArticleName Automatic vibration complex for continuous feeding of all hard-flowing materials from transfer bin
ArticleAuthors Kovalyuk S. V., Kovalyukh V. R.
ArticleName 80th anniversary of the Kirovsky mine — the oldest flagship of mine industry in Khibins
ArticleAuthor Nikitin K. V.
ArticleName Ancient mining production areas of North Priladozhye as unique technogenic-natural complexes and monuments of mining industrial history
ArticleAuthor Borisov I. V.
ArticleName Hydrometallurgical methods of ore processing at the enterprises of the russian empire in the beginning of XX century
ArticleAuthor Petrov I. M.
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