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ArticleName Intensification of processes of semiautogenous grinding via optimization of granulometric content of mills feeding
ArticleAuthors Skarin O. I., Kruppa P. I., Ivanov A. N.
ArticleName Improvement of the schemes of ore preparing for operating beneficiation enterprises
ArticleAuthors Kruppa P. I., Ivanova A. N., Skarin O. I.
ArticleName Perspectives of implementation of dry magnetic separation at beneficiation plant of ferrous metallurgy.
ArticleAuthors Ivanov A. N., Kruppa P. I.
ArticleName Perfection of technics and technology of ore pre paration of gold;containing ores at Angren skaya concentrating factory
ArticleAuthors Sana kulov K. S., Arustamyan M. A., Shumskaya E. N.
ArticleName The main engineering solution of reconstruction of cooper concentrating plant of "Almalyk MMC" JSC
ArticleAuthors Farmanov A. K., Zimin A. V.
ArticleName Technology of dressing of copper;molybdenum out of balance ores of mine "KalmakYr"
ArticleAuthors Dabizha S. I., Shumskaya E. N., Mihai lova A. V.
ArticleName Improvement of beneficiation technology for copper-molybdenum ores from Erdenetiyn-Ovoo deposit
ArticleAuthors Ganbaatar Z., Zimin A. V, Solov’eva L. M., Nazarov Yu. P.
ArticleName Concept of solving the problems during processing of copper-nickel ores
ArticleAuthors Zimin A. V., Arustamyan M. A., Nazarov Yu. P.
ArticleName The results of testing of aeration complexes in different constructions at “Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company”
ArticleAuthors Zimin A. V., Arustamyan K. M.
ArticleName Researching apatite flotation from ore of Kovdorsky deposit
ArticleAuthors Mikhaylova A. V., Garanichev Ya. V.
ArticleName Improvement of beneficiation technology of copper-molibdenum ores from Kadzharanskoe deposit
ArticleAuthors Arustamyan A. M., Arustamyan K. M.
ArticleName Increase of technological parameters of zinc cycle at concentration plant of “Uchalinsky Mining and Concentrating Plant”
ArticleAuthors Abdrakhmanov I. A., Yagudin R. A., Zimin A. V., Kalinin E. P., Nemchinova L. A.
ArticleName Improvement of quality of copper concentrate at “Uchalinsky Mining and Concentrating Plant”
ArticleAuthors Yagudin R. A., Yagudina Yu. R., Zimin A. V., Nemchinova L. A., Yurlova N. A.
ArticleName Development of beneficiation technology of copper-zinc ores with preliminary cleaning of -5 mm size category
ArticleAuthors Zimin A. V., Skarin O. I., Nemchinova L. A., Tkachenko M. I., Yagudin R. A.
ArticleName Ore beneficiation with large-size gold grains using schemes and equipment developed by “NPO “RIVS”
ArticleAuthors Sanakulov K. S., Mustakimov O. M., Ruziev N. R., Zimin A. V., Arustamyan M. A., Arustamyan K. M.
ArticleName Experience of flotation beneficiation of iron ores
ArticleAuthors Nazarov Yu. P., Smirnov Yu. A.
ArticleName Systems of automatic regulation of flotation process manufactured by “NPO “RIVS”
ArticleAuthors Trushin A. A., Sedov A. V., Lyubichenko A. A., Nikandrov I. S.
ArticleName A version of development of automation system of analytic pulp control
ArticleAuthor Bondarenko A. V.
ArticleName Thermoluminescent method of ore beneficiation
ArticleAuthor Bondarenko A. V.
ArticleName Features of X-ray fluorescent analysis of high carbonate fluorite ores
ArticleAuthor Andreev D. S.
ArticleName Project solutions during reconstruction of the main shop of “Erdenet” enterprise” using equipment developed by “NPO RIVS”
ArticleAuthors Ganbaatar Z., Nazarov Yu. P., Polyanskiy M. V.
ArticleName Reconstruction of Sibaysky beneficiation plant using technology and equipment developed by “NPO “RIVS”
ArticleAuthors Gibadullin Z. R., Mingazhev A. Zh., Zimin A. V., Kalinin E. P., Nemchinova L. A., Tkachenko M. I.
ArticleName Experience in designing and “turn key” construction at Zarmitanskaya gold extracting plant
ArticleAuthors Sanakulov K. S., Ruziev N. R., Arustamyan M. A., Smirnov Yu. P.
ArticleName Ecological aspects in designing of objects and enterprises of mining industrial complex
ArticleAuthor Yurlova N. A.
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