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ArticleName RUE «PA «Belaruskali» — the flagship of the world potash industry
ArticleAuthors Kirienko V. M., Shpakovski V. N., Dakuko N. A., Kashtal'an M. N., Kobyashev V. D.
ArticleName The Starobin deposit — the storehouse of the Republic of Belarus potash salts
ArticleAuthor Barbikov D. V.
ArticleName Social policy in «PA «Belaruskali»: history and traditions
ArticleAuthors Makhlai A. V., Navitskaya N. K., Azarenko L. L.
ArticleName Product competitiveness — comprehensive indicator of the enterprise innovation development
ArticleAuthors Pitkevich I. G., Podolyak O. A.
ArticleName Scientific and technical support of production
ArticleAuthors Marinich A. A., Getmanova S. N., Malakhova L. M.
ArticleName Conditions research of formation and expansion height of water-transmitting fractures while developing the Starobin deposit
ArticleAuthors Zeitts V. E., Barbikov D. V., Zolnikov N. A., Deshkovski V. N., Novokshonov V. N.
ArticleName The rock gas-bearing capacity researches of the Starobin deposit Third potash level seam
ArticleAuthors Тarakanov V. A., Golovaty I. I., Beresnev S. P., Andreiko S. S., Ivanov O. V.
ArticleName Geomechanical modeling of the sudden collapse of roadways floor rocks
ArticleAuthors Podlesny I. A., Beresnev S. P., Andreiko S. S., Nekrasov S. V., Litvinoskaya N. A.
ArticleName Research of the mechanism forming the zones that are dangerous on gas and dynamic phenomena in the First potash level rocks
ArticleAuthors Beresnev S. P., Senyuk V. V., Gonchar V. I., Andreiko S. S., Litvinovskaya N. A.
ArticleName New technology of the seam mining of the Third potash level stratum
ArticleAuthors Kirienko V. M., Тarakanov V. A., Zheleznyak V. M., Sherba V. Y., Shamanin A. V.
ArticleName Roadways supporting while developing the Starobin deposit at big depths
ArticleAuthors Тarakanov V. A., Golovaty I. I., Polyakov A. L., Misnikov V. A., Karaban D. T.
ArticleName Equipment and technology of the Third potash stratum mining in the complicated mining and geological conditions
ArticleAuthors Shpakovski V. N., Тarakanov V. A., Prushak V. Y., Petrovski B. I., Gubanov V. A.
ArticleName Technological schemes for the potash seams mining with partial stowing of the mined out area in order to avoid the dynamic phenomena
ArticleAuthors Golovaty I. I., Shpakovski V. N., Tarakanov V. N., Prushak V. Y., Petrovski B. I.
ArticleName Mineralogic and petrographic studies of the Starobin deposit sylvinites
ArticleAuthors Pastukhov A. V., Petrova N. S., Turko M. R.
ArticleName Potash fertilizers production peculiarities at RUE «PA «Belaruskali»
ArticleAuthors Lyubushenko A. D., Pastukhov A. V., Bashkardina Y. A.
ArticleName Sylvine floatation technology development in the pneumatic and ejecting floatation machines
ArticleAuthors Pastukhov A. V., Lyubushenko A. D., Bashkardina Y. A.
ArticleName Automation of engineering and technical accompaniment of mining operations at the Starobin deposit mines
ArticleAuthors Slavashevich S. I., Beresnev S. P., Misnikov V. A., Shamanin A. V., Petrovski B. I.
ArticleName Statistic methods use for improving the control and management of the technological processes and products quality
ArticleAuthors Cherkas O. A., Lyubushenko A. D., Pastukhov A. V., Mikhailovski A. A., Sapeshko V. V.
ArticleName Introduction of the automated systems to control the production and technological processes
ArticleAuthor Lemeshenko V. S.
ArticleName Engineering the air preparation in the mines ventilation system based on the heat-mass-exchange processes modeling
ArticleAuthors Zheleznyak V. M., Golovaty I. I., Levin L. Y., Kazakov B. P.
ArticleName Unified information and analytical system «AeroNet» for designing and calculating the potash mines ventilationz
ArticleAuthors Protasenya I. V., Beresnev S. P., Kruglov Y. V., Grishin Y. L., Kiryakov A. S.
ArticleName Labour safety, industrial safety and mining and rescuing operations Board
ArticleAuthors Savinich D. A., Polovinkin V. V., Kosyak I. N., Kucherov V. F.
ArticleName Parameters of the drilling and blasting initiation of the salt and gas outburst while crossing the outburst hazardous geological faultings
ArticleAuthors Markov O. I., Beresnev S. P., Petrovski Y. B., Andreiko S. S., Maltsev V. M.
ArticleName Mine fan installation with a system of automatic control for the recirculating potash mines ventilation
ArticleAuthors Golovaty I. I., Kruglov Y. V., Levin L. Yu.
ArticleName Experimental and industrial studies of the ventilation schemes and modes of the selective long wall end section in the First Production Unit mine
ArticleAuthors Podlesny I. A., Beresnev S. P., Gonchar V. I., Alymenko N. I., Alymenko D. N.
ArticleName Method to reduce the ICE exhaust fumes toxicity at the underground powered transport
ArticleAuthors Protasenya I. V., Beresnev S. P., Shagbutdinov R. I., Alymenko N. I., Alymenko D. N.
ArticleName Environment-oriented methods while placing the potash production wastes
ArticleAuthors Churov V. A., Shemet S. F., Shutin S. G.
ArticleName Main directions to recycle the slime wastes of the processing productions
ArticleAuthors Smychnik A. D., Shemet S. F., Sapeshko V. V.
ArticleName Geophysical methods to control the safe operation of potash production slime ponds
ArticleAuthors Prokhorov N. N., Shemet S. F., Vagin V. G.
ArticleName Potash mine roadways use for invigoration by the method of speleotherapy
ArticleAuthors Obruch A. K., Kachur T. Z.
ArticleName Quarry dump trucks BelAZ with electromechanical tramsmission and experience of their operation in excavations of "Kuzbassrazrezugol'" coal company
ArticleAuthors Parkhomchik P. A., Egorov A. N., Litvin O. I., Kirienko P. P., Fominykh M. A.
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