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The second issue of “Chernye Metally” journal (2017) contains the most of its conventional sections. It is opened, as usual, by the sections “Iron and steel news of the world” and “News of metallurgical companies”.


The section “Ironmaking” contains two discussion articles that will be surely interesting for the readership. P. Schmöle from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe observed the future of blast furnaces and concluded that it will be tightly connected with lowering of carbon dioxide emissions. I. Schenk and H. B. Lüngen from Leoben mining university (Austria) and VDEh Steel institute analyzed the potential of putting into practice the iron direct reduction and reducing melting processes at European plants; it was suggested that these processes can be an alternative for blast furnace practice, but they were recognized to be not sufficiently effective meaning CO2 emissions.


The section “Steel making” presents the potential of the German and Austrian affiliates of Primetals Technologies in the field of modernization of electric arc funaces and putting into operation of Melt Expert system for adjusting of electric arc furnace electrodes.


The section “Rolling and metal forming” in this issue displays the results of modernization of the cold rolling shop at Outokumpu Krefeld plant in Germany. Realization of this project will apparently strengthen this company's positions in the European market of quality steels. Another publication in this section describes the method for calculation of technological parameters of steel heavy plate straightening at the eight-roll machine. This method was developed by Prof. V.N. Shinkin from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys.


The issue also includes publications in the following sections: “Power engineering and ecology”, “Steel as material”, “HR policy and labour protection”, “Economics and finances”.


You may find below more details about the issue or book printed or electronic version of the journal.

ArticleName Iron and Steel News of the World
News of Metallurgical Companies
ArticleName Reverse moving cameras: revealing the smallest holes
ArticleAuthor J. Blonski
ArticleName New burning technology: power efficiency rises by 30%
Source thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
ArticleName Development of high-strength tools for metal forming
ArticleName Micro-analyzer: rapid and efficient
Source Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH
ArticleName The blast furnace — fit for the future?
ArticleAuthor P. Schmole

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG (Duisburg, Germany):

Schmöle P., Prof., Dr. Eng., Head of Competence Center Metallurgy, e-mail:

ArticleName Potentials of direct and smelting reduction processes for an effi cient application in Europe
ArticleAuthors J. Schenck, H. B. Lungen

Leoben Mining University (Leoben, Austria):

Schenck J., Dr. Eng., Prof., Head of Iron and Steel Metallurgy


VDEh Steel Institute (Düsseldorf, Germany):
Lüngen H. B., Dr. Eng., Prof., Technical Director, e-mail:

Steel making
ArticleName EAF modernization with increased power input
ArticleAuthors P. Zipp, J. Apfel

Primetals Technologies Germany GmbH (Willstätt-Legelshurst, Germany):

Zipp P., E-mail:

Apfel J.

ArticleName Melt Expert — the next generation of electrode control system
ArticleAuthors Ch. Sedivy, Ch. Koubek, R. Krump, B. Dittmer

Primetals Technologies (Linz , Austria):

Sedivy Ch., Mag. Eng., Product manager, e-mail:
Koubek Ch., Mag. Eng., Product development
Krump R., Mag. Eng., Product development


Primetals Technologies (Erlangen, Germany):
Dittmer B., Technical department

Rolling and other metal forming processes
ArticleName Finalizing of the large Outokumpu investing program in the cold rolling shop at Krefeld plant
ArticleAuthor U. Ratzek

Verlag “Stahleisen” GmbH (Düsseldorf, Germany) ; Outokumpu Holding Germany GmbH (Krefeld, Germany):

Ratzek U., Chief editor of “Stahl und Eisen” journal, e-mail: ; e-mail:

ArticleName Calculation of steel sheet’s curvature for its flattening in the eight-roller straightening machine
ArticleAuthor V. N. Shinkin

National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” (Moscow, Russia):

Shinkin V. N., Dr. Phys.-Math., Prof., e-mail:

Power engineering and ecology
ArticleName Distinguished energy efficiency projects in steel production
ArticleAuthor R. Schaper

Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH (Salzgitter, Germany):

Schaper R., Mag. Eng., Head of Power Engineering Facilities, e-mail:

ArticleName Integrated production planning — thinking energy and resource efficiency one step ahead
ArticleAuthors K. Puttkammer, P. Vornkahl

Technical University Braunschweig (Braunschweig, Germany):

Puttkammer K., Institute of Automobile Industry and Industrial Production; e-mail:


Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH (Salzgitter, Germany):

Vornkahl P., Head of Integrated Dept. of Orders Execution

Steel as material
ArticleName Efficient solutions in lightweight automotive construction owing to high-strength AFP steels
ArticleName Heavy plate steel of Dillinger for building the new Schiersteiner bridge in Hessen
ArticleName Steel house: a matter of the fife made of passion and steel
ArticleAuthor Ch. Ohler
HR policy and labour protection
ArticleName Human factor as a base for competitive metallurgical industry in Germany
ArticleAuthors P. Dahlmann, M. Kunkel

Steel Instutute of the Union of German Metallurgists (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Dahlmann P., Executive manager, Member of the Board


“Steel” Economical Union (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Kunkel M.

E-mail (common):

ArticleName The ways of solving the conflicts in the enterprise
ArticleAuthor S. Prohaska

Training and Consulting Industrial Seminar Prohaska (Vienna, Austria):
Prohaska S., e-mail:

ArticleName Salzgitter Flachstal: the training program for specialists
ArticleAuthor B. Brandes

Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH (Salzgitter, Germany):

Brandes B., Deputy Director on Labour, e-mail:

Economics and finances
ArticleName Strategic milestones in management of expenses in the system of technical maintenance and repair of metallurgical equipment
ArticleAuthors N. T. Baskakova, Z. V. Yakobson, D. B. Simakov

Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University (Magnitogorsk, Russia):

Baskakova N. T., Cand. Eng., Ass. Prof. of the Chair of Management, e-mail:
Yakobson Z. V., Cand. Eng., Ass. Prof. of the Chair of Management
Simakov D. B., Cand. Eng., Head of the Chair of Management

ArticleName EC industry against Chinese dumping and market status
Our anniversaries
ArticleName Lyudmila Mikhailovna Kaputkina celebrates her anniversary
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