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The contents of this issue testify to the interest demonstrated by the researchers in developing technologies for comprehensive utilization of mineral resources.


Two publications provide descriptions of proposed flowsheets and processes designed to recover platinum group metals from various ores. Researchers of the National Mineral Resources University (St. Petersburg, Russia) and the Higher Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (Moa, Cuba) have explored potential for mineral processing and recovery of associated platinum elements from Cuban lateritic nickel ores and their slimes. Floatability of platinum group metals in processing Bushveld Complex chromite ore has been studied by academics of the Tshwane University of Science and Technology (South Africa).


Professionals of “TsNIIgeolnerud” (Kazan, Russia) have provided their assessment of the prospects of utilization of Seligdar ores as complex rare-earth thorium-apatite feed materials for mineral processing.


The problems of carbon recovery (unburned carbon) from fly ashes of power plants with a view to obtaining aluminum silicate products meeting the amenability requirements for subsequent chemical heat treatment, and carbon for potential use as additional boiler fuel, are addressed in the paper of academics from the Joint Institute of High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


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ArticleName Scrap recovery in grinding sections of «Norilsk Nickel» concentrating plants
ArticleAuthors Malyarov P. V., Kaplaukhov K. N., Tsymbal A. S., Manaka I. N.

«Resurs» Ltd, South Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute) (Russia):

Malyarov P. V., General Director, Doctor of Engineering, Professor,

Manaka I. N., Researcher, Postgraduate,


«Resurs» Ltd (Russia):

Kaplaukhov K. N., Senior Researcher,


Polar Division of Norilsk Nickel (Russia):

Tsymbal A. S., Director of Production Association of Сoncentrating Plants,

ArticleName Calculation of mineral atomization energy in terms of kernel-electron crystal chemistry
ArticleAuthor Zuyev V. V.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Russia):

Zuyev V. V., Leading Researcher, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy,

ArticleName Flotation desliming of potash ores
ArticleAuthors Bondareva A. Yu., Panteleyeva N. N., Titkov S. N.

ZAO «VNII Halurgy» (Russia):

Bondareva A. Yu., Researcher,

Panteleyeva N. N., Leading Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

Titkov S. N., Head of Laboratory, Chief Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName Dressability assessment of Cuban oxidized nickel-cobalt ores and slime wastes
ArticleAuthors Nikolayev A. K., Nikolayev V. I., Andreyev Ye. Ye., Bazhin V. Yu., Piligrim M.

National Mineral Resources University (Russia):

Nikolayev A. K., Associate Professor, Doctor of Engineering,

Andreyev Ye. Ye., Associate Professor, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

Bazhin V. Yu., Associate Professor, Doctor of Engineering,


Scientific Instruments Company, JSC (Russia):

Nikolayev V. I., Technical Director,


Moa (Instituto Superior Minero Metalurgico de Moa — ISMMM, Republic of Cuba):
Piligrim M., Associate Professor, Higher Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

ArticleName Upon flotability of platinum group metals from the Bushveld chromite ore
ArticleAuthors Adeleke A. A., Modiba S. S., Popoola A. P. I., Olubambi P. A.

Tshwane University of Science and Technology (Pretoria, South Africa):

Adeleke A. A., Research Fellow,

Modiba S. S., BTech. Graduate

Popoola A. P. I., Senior Lecturer

Olubambi P. A., Senior Lecturer

ArticleName On vibratory buoyancy force and vibratory buoyancy
ArticleAuthor Blekhman L. I.

Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS (Russia); REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (Russia):

Blekhman L. I., Leading Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName Geological and technological reassessment of Seligdar apatite-rare metals deposit
ArticleAuthors Nepryakhin А. Ye., Belyayev Ye. V.

Central Research Institute for Geology of Industrial Minerals — TsNIIgeolnerud (Russia):

Nepryakhin А. Ye., Leading Researcher, Ph. D. in Chemical Sciences,

Belyayev Ye. V., Leading Researcher, Ph. D. in Geology and Mineralogy,

ArticleName Carbon flotation of Kashir TPP fly ash
ArticleAuthors Ryabov Yu. V., Delitsyn L. M., Vlasov A. S., Borodina T. I.

Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia):

Ryabov Yu. V., Senior Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

Delitsyn L. M., Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy,

Vlasov A. S., Senior Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences

Borodina T. I., Senior Researcher, Ph. D. in Physics and Mathematics,

ArticleName Criteria for choosing radial thickeners for dewatering and water circulation
ArticleAuthor Bauman A. V.

Gormashexport CJSC (Russia):

Bauman A. V., Deputy General Director on Scientific Work, Ph. D. in Technical Scieces,

ArticleName Performance assessment of vibrating cone crusher with spatial motions of working members
ArticleAuthors Safronov A. N., Kazakov S. V.

REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (CJSC) (Russia):

Safronov A. N., Projects Director, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences

Kazakov S. V., Design Engineer, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName Current state of recycling engineering in the mining industry
ArticleAuthors Vaisberg L. A., Azbel Yu. I., Arsentyev V. A., Kononov O. V.

REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (Russia):

Vaisberg L. A., Scientific Advisor of the Company, Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Azbel Yu. I., Chief Specialist, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences

Arsentyev V. A., Research and Development Director, Doctor of Engineering,


Moscow State University (Russia).

Kononov O. V., Professor, Ph. D. in Geology and Mineralogy,

ArticleName 8th Russian seminar on technological mineralogy
ArticleName 60th birthday of Vladimir Ye. Vigdergauz
ArticleName 75th birthday of Vyacheslav A. Tsukerman
ArticleName Rules of submission of articles for publication in the «Obogashchenie Rud» journal
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