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The first article in this issue titled “Return water improvement at Erdenet Mining Complex” considers the problem of reclaim water purification and conditioning efficiency increase, thus improving the metallurgical results. On the basis of thermodynamic analysis with respect to chemical processes of copper ions interaction with other components of waste and return water liquid phase, the required pH range was determined and a technology for joint conditioning of seepage water together with municipal purification works water and Power Plant ash-disposal area effluent water was recommended. The tests results showed a possibility for increase of copper and molybdenum recovery into marketable concentrate, as well as copper and molybdenum concentrates grade increase. Obviously, the proposed return water organization and purification system is distinguished by simplicity, and does not require any additional reagents.


While the above mentioned article describes the process improvement on the basis of the proposed technology, the article titled “Dialkyldithiophosphates of BTF series application in sulfide ores flotation study” presents the processes that with regard to efficiency are directly dependent on application of reagents and their characteristics. The extensive studies, conducted by the authors, permitted to synthesize aerofloats of BTF series, featuring different collecting properties. The results of laboratory and commercial-scale testing of BTF series aerofloats are presented, verifying, that in comparison with butyl xanthate they provide for a considerable increase in copper recovery from copper and copper-nickel ores, as well as total recovery of gold and silver from different types of silver and gold-containing ores. Launching the production of these aerofloats in Russia and their introduction at 11 facilities located in Russia and Kazakhstan are the merits of the authors of the article.


Theoretical insights are represented in this issue by the article titled “Improvement of approaches to vibratory screening process mathematical modeling”. The proposed method of modeling links fundamental physical properties of material with separation kinetics and screens’ design parameters. Modern mathematical methods and computer software programs are used in modeling. The article should catch the interest of a wide circle of specialists working in the areas of mineral processing and applied mechanics.


The authors of the article titled “Upon platinum group metals recovery from Cuban oxide nickel ores” stress the importance of considerable world reserves of nickel ores with diagnostically proven content of platinum-group metals, and raise a question of by-product concentration of platinum metals in nickel production. Cuban nickel production facilities are considered, as Cuba ranks among the countries with the largest nickel ores deposits. Cuban nickel ores and concentrates are characterized, and the ore processing technologies are described. On the basis of the literature references studies, a conclusion is made, that from the viewpoint of platinum metals recovery, Pedro Soto Alba plant sulfide concentrate is more promising.


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ArticleName Return water improvement at Erdenet Mining Complex
ArticleAuthors Pestryak I. V., Erdenetuyaa O., Morozov V. V.

Moscow State Mining University (Russia):

Pestryak I. V., Professor, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences, 


Erdenet Mining Corporation (Mongolia):
Erdenetuyaa O., Head of Labor and Environment Protection Department,


Moscow State Mining University (Russia):
Morozov V. V., Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering,

ArticleName Effect of demagnetization on hydraulic classification of strongmagnetic ores
ArticleAuthors Ganzhenko I. M., Zarshchikova G. G., Kamalova T. B., Alekseeva L. A., Shestak Ye. M., Yakubailik E. K.

Evrazruda (Russia):

Ganzhenko I. M., Chief Specialist, 
Zarshchikova G. G., Head of Laboratory, 
Kamalova T. B., Head of Section,
Alekseeva L. A., Leading Engineer,
Shestak Ye. M., Deputy Shop Superintendent,


Institute of Physics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia):

Yakubailik E. K., Senior Reseacher, Ph. D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences,

ArticleName Dialkyldithiophosphates of BTF series application in sulfide ores flotation study
ArticleAuthors Ryaboy V. I., Kretov V. P., Smirnova Ye. Yu.

Mekhanobr-Orgsintez-Reagent CJSC (Russia):

Ryaboy V. I., General Director, Doctor of Engineering, 


«Kvadrat-plyus» CJSC (Russia):
Kretov V. P., General Director

Smirnova Ye. Yu., Deputy General Director

ArticleName Improvement of approaches to vibratory screening process mathematical modeling
ArticleAuthors Vaisberg L. A., Ivanov K. S., Melnikov A. Ye.

REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (Russia):

Vaisberg L. A., Scientific Advisor of the Company, Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of Engineering, Professor
Ivanov K. S., Researcher,


HORIS Ltd (Russia):
Melnikov A. Ye., Programmer, Ph. D. in Physics and Mathematics

ArticleName Factors causing positive product imbalance at ore-dressing plants
ArticleAuthors Kozin V. Z., Vodovozov K. A.

Ural State Mining University (Russia):

Kozin V. Z., Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering, Professor,
Vodovozov K. A., Lecturer,

ArticleName Upon the basics of atom kernels and binding electrons crystal chemistry, with application of Fersman geoenergy additivity concept
ArticleAuthor Zuev V. V.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Russia):

Zuev V. V., Leading Researcher, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy,

ArticleName Conditions for stable phasing of cone vibratory crusher vibration exciters
ArticleAuthors Safronov A. N., Kazakov S. V.

REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (CJSC) (Russia):

Safronov A. N., Projects Director, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences
Kazakov S. V., Design Engineer,

ArticleName Ore-grinding mills drives starting regime optimization at miningandprocessing complexes
ArticleAuthors Ustinov D. A., Konovalov Yu. V.

National Mineral Resources University (Russia):

Ustinov D. A., Associated Professor, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences, 


National Research Irkutsk State Technical University (Russia):

Konovalov Yu. V., Associated Professor, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName The studies on nickel concentrate production from metallurgical products slag
ArticleAuthor Asonchik K. M.

Mekhanobr Engineering (Russia):

Asonchik K. M., Leading Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName Upon platinum group metals recovery from Cuban oxide nickel ores
ArticleAuthors Petrov G. V., Boduen A. Ya., Bazhin V. Yu., Fokina S. B.

National mineral resources university (Russia):

Petrov G. V., Professor, Doctor of Engineering,
Boduen A. Ya., Associated Professor, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,
Bazhin V. Yu., Associated Professor, Doctor of Engineering,
Fokina S. B., Assistant, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName Body liners from Metso — the right choice!
ArticleAuthor Mansurov I. A.
ArticleName 75th birthday of G. N. Mashevskiy
ArticleName +L. M. Kutuzova (1932–2013)
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