Metallurgy of noble metals. A manual in 2 volumes

Yu. A. Kotlyar, M. A. Meretukov, L. S. Strizhko

The proposed manual includes the data characterizing up-to-date metallurgical production of precious metals; especial attention is paid here to the processes realized during last 20-30 years and to some theoretical problems, directly connected with dissolution and extraction of gold, silver and PGM from the solutions.

The historical information about origination and development of the metallurgy of gold, silver and PGM, their world production, structure of consumption, currency function and application areas is given. The technologies of gold and silver extraction from alluvial and basic (ore) deposits, as well as preparing, concentrating and metallurgical operation are described. The practice of foreign and national metallurgical and refining plants is examined. The data about secondary metallurgy of precious metals, including parameters and classification of raw materials, methods of their concentration and metallurgical processing and description of the technologies used for extraction of precious metals in Russia and abroad, are presented.

The book is intended for the scientific and technical specialists and students specializing in the field of metallurgical production of precious metals.


ISBN: 5-87623-148-7
Страницы: 0
Переплет: hardcover
Издатель: Ore and Metals PH
Язык: Russian
Год издания: 2005

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