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Economics and finances
ArticleName Improving steel market performance indicators in the face of increased competition
ArticleAuthor Yu. Yu. Kostyukhin, D. Yu. Savon

National University of Science and Technology (Moscow, Russia):

Yu. Yu. Kostykhin, Dr. Econ., Prof., Head of Industrial Management Dept., E-mail:
D. Yu. Savon, Dr. Econ., Prof., Industrial Management Dept., E-mail:


The article substantiates the feasibility of applying economic indicators to give the most accurate description of the steel market situation in the face of increased competition and protectionist measures on the part of individual countries caused by the global problem of excess metallurgical capacities and unfavorable prices on world markets. Particular attention is paid to indicators used in world practice to assess the degree of market monopolization: Herfi ndahl-Hirschman index, concentration index, Tobin coefficient and others. The authors proposed indicators for assessing the domestic and world steel markets expand information on market size, saturation and market capacity, and market shares of enterprises.

keywords Steel market assessment, concentration level indicators, export volume, ferrous metallurgy

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