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Mineralogical researches
Название Quantitative estimation of dissociation of minerals using optical methods of mineralogical analysis
Автор Mezentseva O. P., Kuptsova A. V., Khramov A. N.
Информация об авторе

RIVS Science and Production Association:

Mezentseva O. P., Mineralogist, Candidate of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences

Kuptsova A. V., Mineralogist, e-mail: rivs@rivs.ru


Transbaikal State University:

Khramov A. N., Assistant Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, phone: +7-914-365-69-70


An ore feed of mineral processing plants is a mixture of barren rocks and ore minerals possessing different physico-mechanical properties, including grinding and dissociation abilities. In operating experience of process laboratories, the optimized final or intermediate size of ground ore is estimated based on the technology parameters. The optimality range of ore grinding parameters, characterized by the maximum dissociation and minimum overgrinding of valuable minerals, can be predicted at the stage of processing of data obtained in mineralogical analysis using modern image analysis systems. The integrated mineralogical research conducted by the Mineralogical Laboratory of RIVS, including examination of texture and structure and analysis of dissociation of valuable minerals, using computer-aided microimage analysis systems and mathematical processing of the mineralogical analysis data toward calculation of batch contrast coefficient has allowed, in the authors’ opinion, the reasoned estimation of the grinding parameters of feed ore. This article exemplifies the mineralogical-analytical approach to finding dissociation parameters of minerals in terms of complex ore from Korbalikha deposit. The authors have studied in detail the features of texture and structure of the ore sample, analyzed dissociation ability of valuable minerals and calculated their batch contrast based on the data of mineralogical analysis using the dedicated automated image analysis program Mineral S7.

Ключевые слова Complex ore, structure, texture, mineral dissociation, batch contrast, automated image analysis
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Полный текст статьи Quantitative estimation of dissociation of minerals using optical methods of mineralogical analysis