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The issue is opening by the paper "Development of new materials for managing the slag procedure during converter melting" by E. P. Volynkina, E. V. Protopopov, L. A. Ganzer and V. V. Sokolov. Physical and chemical parameters of removing slags during melting of low-carbon steels in 350 t converters at West-Siberian Metallurgical Works (ZSMK) have been examined in order to reveal features of slag frothing when using synthetic fluxes and search of efficient methods for managing the slag procedure during converter melting. It is concluded that conditions of converter melting and cleaning systems of converter gases provide environmental safety of usage of synthetic low-melting-temperature fluxes.


A. A. Kazakov, S. V. Ryaboshuk, P. V. Kovalev and L. S. Chigintsev presented the study of nature of non-metallic inclusions in segregation strip of tube steel sheets. All non-metallic inclusions revealed in segregation strip of tube steel sheet are classified. This component of metallurgical quality has essential effect of forming application properties of tubes, defining the general resource of pipelines. It is stipulated by the fact that non-metallic inclusions in tube steels are considered as one of the causes of cold shortness, low corrosion resistance, stress cracking and they also have effect on other important metal properties.


H. B. Lüngen, M. Peters and P. Schmöle devoted their publication to changing times in ironmaking. The changes in the world-wide iron production in the past decades are described and the forecasts 20 years ago forthe evolution and development ofalternative iron ore reduction processes recalled. The replacements of blast furnacesshares in iron production by alternative ways to produce steel - the direct reduction and smelting reduction processes anticipated at that timedid not become reality.


At Ferriera Valsabbia Italy an Efsop process control system was commissioned on their 80-t electrical arc furnace to improve its performance while increasing safety utilizing water detection technology, reported N. Boin, A. Vasquez and P. Levrangi. The new system measures and analyzes the offgas composition (CO, CO2, H2 and O2) at the fourthhole of the EAF in real time and uses this informationfor closed loop control (CLC) process optimization.


Another survey in this issue (by A. Baaske, D. Dübers, R. Fandrich et al.) is devoted to developments, trends and availability of refractory raw materials.


New methods of simulation of continuous casting process are shown in the paper by E. A. T. Wosch and E. H. Hilgenhöner. Mouldscreen software executes calculation and allows to visualize flux film properties between shell of continuously cast billet and mould wall.

H.-G. Hartung, W. Püttgen, C. Sasse et al. analyzed economic benefits of processing line design using advanced heating technology. Direct flame impingement burners have proved to be the most effective method of strip heating.

Economical section is presented by survey of H. J. Kerkhoff entitled "Stable steel market in uncertain external conditions".

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ArticleName Steel industry of the world
Development of metallurgy in Russia and other CIS countries
ArticleName Development of new materials for managing the slag procedure during converter melting
ArticleAuthors E. P. Volynkina, E. V. Protopopov, L. A. Ganzer, V. V. Sokolov.
ArticleAuthorsData Dr. Eng. E. P. Volynkina, Head of Department of Technological and Secondary Resources; Dr. Eng. E. V. Protopopov, Director of Institute of Metallurgy and Materials; Ph.D. L. A. Ganzer, Docent, Department of Metallurgy of Ferrous Metals, Standartization and Certification, Siberian State Industrial University; Ph.D. V. V. Sokolov, Deputy Chief Engineer, OJSC “West-Siberian Metallurgical Combine”, Novokuznetsk, Russia;
ArticleName Study of nature of non-metallic inclusions in segregation strip of tube steel sheets
ArticleAuthors A. A. Kazakov, S. V. Ryaboshuk, P. V. Kovalev, L. S. Chigintsev
ArticleAuthorsData Dr. Eng., Prof. A. A. Kazakov, Head of Chair; S. V. Ryaboshuk, Assistant; Ph.D. Docent P. V. Kovalev; L. S. Chigintsev, Engineer, Chair of Sleel and Alloys, National Research University St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University;
Iron and Steel Making
ArticleName Changing times in ironmaking
ArticleAuthors H. B. Lüngen, M. Peters, P. Schmöle
ArticleAuthorsData Dr. Eng. H. B. Lüngen, Marketing Director, Steel Institute VDEh, Düsseldorf; Dr. Eng. M. Peters, Director of Iron Production; Dr. Eng. P. Schmöle, Chief Technologist of Iron Production, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Duisburg;
ArticleName Improving furnace performance and enhanced safety at Ferriera Valsabbia
ArticleAuthors N. Boin, A. Vasquez, P. Levrangi
ArticleAuthorsData N. Boin, A. Vasquez, Tenova Goodfellow Inc., Mississauga, Canada; P. Levrangi, Ferriera Valsabbia, Odolo, Italy;
ArticleName Refractory raw materials — developments, trends, availability
ArticleAuthors A. Baaske, D. Dübers, R. Fandrich, J. Pischke, P. Quirmbach, L. Schöttler.
ArticleAuthorsData Eng. A. Baaske, Department of Refractory, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Duisburg; Eng. D. Dübers, Head of Department of Furnaces and Refractories, ThyssenKrupp VDM GmbH, Unna; Dr. Eng. R. Fandrich, Manager of Steel Production and the Theory of Metallurgical Processes, Steel Institute VDEh, Düsseldorf; Eng. J. Pischke, Head of Department of the Technological Equipment of Metallurgical Enterprises, Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, Salzgitter; Prof., Dr. Nat. P. Quirmbach, Director of German Institute of Refractories and Ceramics, Bonn; Eng. L. Schöttler, Head of Department of the Technological Equipment, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH, Siegen;
Continuous Casting
ArticleName New methods of simulation of continuous casting process
ArticleAuthors E. A. T. Wosch, E. H. Hilgenhöner
ArticleAuthorsData Docent, Dr. E. A. T. Wosch, Techical Sales Manager; Eng. E. H. Hilgenhöner, Techical Sales Manager, S&B Industrial Minerals GmbH, Stollberg, Oberhausen; enno.
ArticleName Economic benefits of processing line design using advanced heating technology
ArticleAuthors H.-G. Hartung, W. Püttgen, C. Sasse, J. von Schéele
ArticleAuthorsData Dr. Eng. H.-G. Hartung, Head of department of strip processing units; Dr. Eng. W. Püttgen, Head of Design; Special Editor, Department of Strip Processing Units, SMS Siemag AG, Hilden; Dr. J. von Schéele, Manager of Metals and Glass Industries, Linde Group, Unterschleissheim;
Economics and finances
ArticleName Stable steel market in uncertain external conditions
ArticleAuthor H. J. Kerkhoff.
ArticleAuthorData H. J. Kerkhoff, President of Economical Union "Steel", Chairman of the Steel Institute VDEh, Düsseldorf;
ArticleName Steel production worldwide
Research and design works
ArticleName Engineering education without work termination
ArticleName Advanced training of top management
ArticleName Team building
ArticleName Lack of engineers in Germany
ArticleName Growth of the part of aged employees
ArticleName Salary of engineers
ArticleName Long working day is adverse for health and lifestyle
ArticleName Winners of the competition Dorrenberg-Studien-Award
ArticleName Business awards
ArticleName Extraordinary decrease of number of accidents at production sites
Metallurgical history
ArticleName Steel writes history
ArticleAuthor A. Schwartz.
ArticleName Yuriy Vasilievich Feoktistov
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