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The Russian section of this issue includes two articles. A. V. Simankov, Yu. S. Yusfin, I. E. Shepetovsky et al. present the problems of development of power-saving technologies in ironmaking in blast furnaces. The experience of usage of anthracite instead of coke during industrial testings at No. 1 blast furnace with 1,066 cu. m volume at Kosogorsky metallurgical works is described.


Specialists from All-Russian Scientific and Technical Institute ob Metallurgical Machine-Building (VNIIMETMASH) A. V. Luk'yanov, A. V. Protasov, B. A. Sivak and N. A. Shchegolev observe in their article the process of ladle vacuum refining (VDF/VDOF) based on the principle of localization of volume of degassing metal via usage of reaction chamber with separation of vacuum chamber space in two areas with different depression degree. The project of modernization of vacuum vessel operating in the converter shop of "Severstal" metallurgical works, with putting into practice of VOD/VOFD unit is developed.

T. Jansen, K. Krüger, H. Schliephake et al. devoted their work to DC-EAF power control using a sound based foaming slag signal. The technology is based on the acoustic sound emission and the electrical parameters, an algorithm for foaming slag detection at a DC-EAF is presented. Regardless of the currently applied electrical power, the model provides a reliable estimate ofthe slag level.


Optimization of the pickling process at ThyssenKrupp Nirosta is observed by O. Junk and L. Winterhalder. For pickling installations with connected acid regeneration installations, a pickling bath conduction of process data on the basis of comprehensive and continuously captured process data creates an economic advantage.


Energy efficiency and environmental management in the steel industry is the theme of the study by J.-T. Ghenda, M. Joksch, G. Still and G. Endermann. Where fire and smoke once stood for progress and prosperity, the steel industry in Germany must now fight for public acceptance despite its use of advanced technologies in energy management, environmental and health protection. However, our modern society and further progress would be inconceivable without steel, and the same holds true for the protection of our environment and climate.

How flexibly can metallurgical plants be operated?“. P. Schmöle prepared the answer on this question With the economic crisis which came more or less sudden towards the end of 2008, the operatorsof metallurgical plants were facing completely new problems. In view of costs which explodedin proportion to the reduced production quantity on the one hand, and the necessity to preserve the existing plantson the other hand, in order to step up production and sustainably keep it on ahigh level as soon as demand startedto increase again, the responsible operators had to take quite interesting strategic decisions on various solutionsgeared to plant-specific conditions.

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ArticleName Steel industry of the world
Development of metallurgy in Russia and other CIS countries
ArticleName Blast melting using anthracite in charge material
ArticleAuthors A. V. Simankov, Yu. S. Yusfin, I. E. Shepetovsky, A. G. Shalygin, A. V. Pavlov.
ArticleAuthorsData A. M. Simankov, Yu. S. Yusfin, National Research Technological University "Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys"; I. E. Shepetovsky, A. G. Shalygin, A. V. Pavlov, Kosaya Gora Iron Works, Russia.
ArticleName Prospects of commercial usage of equipment and technology for ladle vacuum refining treatment with increased productivity
ArticleAuthors A. V. Luk'yanov, A. V. Protasov, B. A. Sivak, N. A. Shchegolev.
ArticleAuthorsData A. V. Luk'yanov, A. V. Protasov, B. A. Sivak, All-Russian Design and Research Institute of Metallurgical Machine-building (VNIIMETMASH) named after A. I. Tselikov; N. A. Shchegolev, Tenova East Europe;
Ironmaking and steelmaking
ArticleName DC-EAF power control using a sound based foaming slag signal
ArticleAuthors T. Jansen, K. Krüger, H. Schliephake, B. Dettmer, Jianxiong Deng.
ArticleAuthorsData Eng. T. Jansen, Scientific fellow; Prof., Dr. Eng. K. Krüger, Chair of processing of technological information and system analysis, Institute of Automation of Hannover University named after Helmut Schmidt (Bundeswehr University), Hamburg; Dr. Eng. H. Schliephake, Technical director; Eng. B. Dettmer, Managing board of electric steelmaking shop, Dr. Eng. Jianxiong Deng, Technological department, Georgsmarienhütte GmbH, Georgsmarienhütte;
ArticleName High-efficient equipment for desulphurizing of cast iron with no need in technical maintenance
ArticleAuthors T. Feldhaus, B. Feldhaus.
ArticleAuthorsData T. Feldhaus, B. Feldhaus, Specialists in economics and trade management, МBА, Feldhaus-Technik GmbH, Duisburg;
ArticleName Electric arc furnace reinforced by plastic glass
ArticleName Innovations in the field of strip rolling and finishing
ArticleAuthor D. Zandecki.
ArticleAuthorData D. Zandecki, Special correspondent, Düsseldorf;
ArticleName Optimization of the pickling process at ThyssenKrupp Nirosta
ArticleAuthors O. Junk, L. Winterhalder.
ArticleAuthorsData O. Junk, Technical expert in equipment for processing high-quality steels, ThyssenKrupp Nirosta GmbH, Düsseldorf-Benrath; Eng. Phys. L. Winterhalder, Managing director, BFI Betriebstechnik GmbH, Düsseldorf;
ArticleName Modernizing the pickling lines enables doubling of capacity
ArticleAuthors H.-G. Hartung, M. Jaenесkе, K. Jürgensmann, H. Krenn, C. Sasse.
ArticleAuthorsData Dr. Eng. H.-G. Hartung, Head of department of strip processing units, SMS Siemag AG, Hilden; Eng. M. Jaenесkе, Project manager, Sales of strip processing units, SMS Siemag AG, Hilden; Eng. K. Jürgensmann, Head of mechanical department, С. D. Wälzholz KG, Хаген; H. Krenn, Managing director, SMS Siemag GmbH, Wien; C. Sasse, Special editor, Department of strip processing units, SMS Siemag AG, Düsseldorf;
Power engineering and environment protection
ArticleName Energy efficiency and environmental management in the steel industry
ArticleAuthors J.-T. Ghenda, M. Joksch, G. Still, G. Endermann.
ArticleAuthorsData Dr. Eng. J.-T. Ghenda, Specialist in trade and industrial affairs, Steel Institute VDEh, Düsseldorf; Dr. Eng. M. Joksch, Chief power engineering manager, ThyssenKrupp AG, and Director of power engineering and economics, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Duisburg; Prof., Dr. Eng. G. Still, Responsible for environment protection and climate preservation, ThyssenKrupp AG, and Director of environment protection and climate, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Duisburg; Eng. G. Endermann, Head of environment protection department, Steel Institute VDEh, Düsseldorf;
Research and design works
ArticleName Advantages of cooperation
ArticleAuthor S. Kämpfer.
ArticleAuthorData S. Kämpfer, Special correspondent, Solingen;
ArticleName Steel: test for strength
ArticleName Steel-based material: looking for the phantom particles
Economics and finances
ArticleName From high productivity operation to reduced output: how flexibly can metallurgical plant be operated?
ArticleAuthor P. Schmöle.
ArticleAuthorData Dr. Eng. P. Schmöle, Senior technologist of hot metal deformation, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Duisburg;
ArticleName Rise of investments supports modernization of Russian iron and steel enterprises
Education and training
ArticleName Education: struggling with lack of engineers
ArticleName TK Nirosta: improvement of skillness of partly employed employees
ArticleName Steel production in the world
ArticleName Scientific and technical news of the world
Metallurgical history
ArticleName F. Schiller: the visit to ironmaking works
ArticleAuthor D. Khaberland
ArticleAuthorData Prof., Dr. D. Khaberland, Oldenburg University named after Karl von Osezky, Oldenburg;
ArticleName Damask steel swords
ArticleAuthor Yu. G. Gurevich.
ArticleAuthorData Dr. Eng., Prof. Yu. G. Gurevich, Chair of Energy and Metals Technology, Kurgan State University, Russia;
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